artificial pancreas

Artificial pancreas will be created by the scientists of diabetes with insulin pump manufacturer, Animas.The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) suggests, they choose the unit of Johnson Johnson was to develop and try new technologies, namely pumps and control systems specifically for diabetes type 1.
"This will be a first stage of research and development toward the creation of an artificial pancreas, said Dr. Henry Anhalt, director of medical affairs of ANL-mas, as quoted by Maggie Fox of Reuters. Anlmas will work with the foundation is to create solidarity between recording devices glucose, insulin pumps, and some software to wireless technology.

The new system will make it easier for diabetics to check blood and inject insulin. The goal is a tool that is able to check the blood at any time and inject insulin as needed, without the help of others. That means this technology in the future be only one package, either insulin pump or glucose alone recording system. Herein lies the power of ma-gisnya, when both the tool is able to communicate with each other. Now the two devices is already available but are still separated, said Alan Lewis, the acting Chief Executive Officer and President of JDRF. The trust has spent years working with science centers to build a perfect system and could be marketed.

"Anlmas is an agency that provides the equipment. JDRF will become a partner that uses our knowledge and expertise," said Lewis again. Foundations were poured eight million dollars for the next three years for that project. Type 1 diabetes is a disease "autoimune", ie the immune system is actually damaging the pancreas cells that produce insulin. The body is no longer able to dissolve and use the sugar.

If untreated, it will damage the blood vessels and nerves, orgarvorgan body, and finally his meninggal.Bah if untreated, the blood vessels and organs remain damaged, blindness, kidney failure, and even lost limbs. IN the United States (U.S.) estimated three million, an average of children and adolescents, type 1 diabetes. This could be a first aid for not only improve glucose control but also lift the entire burden, "said Aaron Kowalskydari JDRF

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