detect carvical cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the scourge for women. Unfortunately there are still many women who are not aware of this disease can be present because of the wrong lifestyle.

Some causes of this deadly cancer, such as :

  1. marriage at young age
  2. frequent pregnancies
  3. smoking
  4. long-term use of oral contraceptives
  5. sexually transmitted infections.

Those who were infected rarely show symptoms in its early stages, and usually develop into cervical cancer a few years later.

Uterine cervical cancer in the female reproductive organs, attack the burrow entrance to the uterus or vaginal intercourse (vaginal). Health experts said that after infection of human papilloma virus (HPV) is not always the patient's body develops immunity, it is not protected from subsequent infection. Berstadium known cervical cancer can cause further harm to surrounding organs and can cause death.

In addition non-sexual transmission can occur through sharing of contaminated clothing in the long term. Most HPV infections lasted eight months and then disappear by itself.

But after two years, found about 10 percent of women still carry an active virus in the vagina and their cervix. It says health experts, cervical cancer usually attacks women have been outstanding, but the statistical evidence of another talk. This cancer attacks more women between the ages of 20 to 30 years. Cervical cancer occurs characterized by the growth of cells in the cervix are not uncommon.

But before these cells become cancer cells, there was some changes. Changes in these cells, normally takes many years before the cells had been transformed into cancer cells.
Cervical cancer has symptoms that should be watched ie :

  1. vaginal bleeding
  2. leucorrhoea
  3. pelvic pains
  4. can not urinate.

These abnormal cells can actually be detected its presence with a test called "Pap Smear Test", so that abnormal cells were detected as early as possible.

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Cervical cancer

For years the cause of cervical cancer is a mystery. Once considered the cause is multifactorial. That is, many factors combine. These factors include sexual intercourse at an early age, multiple sexual partners, and genetic factors.

But scientists later discovered that this deadly cancer caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus infects the cervix and cause cell mutations in the region. Mutated cells that later develop into cancer cells, causing damage, and spread to other organs.

Human papilloma virus are manifold. Until recently known more than 40 types. Of these, only a few types associated with cervical cancer, among other HPV 16, 18, 45, 31. In cases of cervical carcinoma in Indonesia, the cause of most is from HPV type 18.

Was recently developed vaccination to prevent HPV infection. Is the trade name Gardasil ®. The vaccine is given via injection three times over a period of six months. Targeted vaccines are girls aged 11 and 12 years. Moreover, it can also be given to women aged 13 to 26 years.

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artificial pancreas

Artificial pancreas will be created by the scientists of diabetes with insulin pump manufacturer, Animas.The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) suggests, they choose the unit of Johnson Johnson was to develop and try new technologies, namely pumps and control systems specifically for diabetes type 1.
"This will be a first stage of research and development toward the creation of an artificial pancreas, said Dr. Henry Anhalt, director of medical affairs of ANL-mas, as quoted by Maggie Fox of Reuters. Anlmas will work with the foundation is to create solidarity between recording devices glucose, insulin pumps, and some software to wireless technology.

The new system will make it easier for diabetics to check blood and inject insulin. The goal is a tool that is able to check the blood at any time and inject insulin as needed, without the help of others. That means this technology in the future be only one package, either insulin pump or glucose alone recording system. Herein lies the power of ma-gisnya, when both the tool is able to communicate with each other. Now the two devices is already available but are still separated, said Alan Lewis, the acting Chief Executive Officer and President of JDRF. The trust has spent years working with science centers to build a perfect system and could be marketed.

"Anlmas is an agency that provides the equipment. JDRF will become a partner that uses our knowledge and expertise," said Lewis again. Foundations were poured eight million dollars for the next three years for that project. Type 1 diabetes is a disease "autoimune", ie the immune system is actually damaging the pancreas cells that produce insulin. The body is no longer able to dissolve and use the sugar.

If untreated, it will damage the blood vessels and nerves, orgarvorgan body, and finally his meninggal.Bah if untreated, the blood vessels and organs remain damaged, blindness, kidney failure, and even lost limbs. IN the United States (U.S.) estimated three million, an average of children and adolescents, type 1 diabetes. This could be a first aid for not only improve glucose control but also lift the entire burden, "said Aaron Kowalskydari JDRF

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pancreas tummor islet cell

Pancreatic Islet Tumors are rare pancreatic tumors. Emerged from a cell tumors of the pancreas. In normal pancreas, small cells produce hormones that regulate various body functions, such as blood sugar levels and gastric acid production.

Tumors that arise from the pancreatic islet cells can also produce various hormones, although some do not. Although islet cells produce different hormones, most tumors release only certain hormones that lead to specific symptoms. Pancreatic islet cell tumors can be benign or malignant (cancerous).

# Sweating
# Tremor
# Rapid heartbeat
# Anxiety
# Feeling hungry
# Dizziness
# The view blurred
# Seizures
# Loss of consciousness
# The mouth and tongue inflamed.

Pancreas tumor Treatment will depend on the type of tumor was found and whether benign or malignant tumors. Malignant tumors spread to other organs, grow aggressively, and may not be treated. If possible, generally, the tumors removed surgically.

If malignant cancer cells spread (metastasize) to the liver, partial liver may be removed. If the cancer is widespread, various forms of chemotherapy can be used to shrink tumors.

If the abnormal hormone production caused the problem, medication can be given to counter their effects. For example, overproduction of gastrin in a case over skresi gastrinomas result in stomach acid, and drugs that inhibit acid secretion can be taken to alleviate the symptoms.

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A kind of new diabetes drug that has yielded billions of dollars in sales, now faces a situation of uncertain future after the resulting six cases of pancreatic inflammation and irritation of the user experience, where the drug was given the name of Byetta, Amylin Pharmaceuticals and is made by Eli Lilly.

Called GLP-1 drugs such as Byetta, and similar products manufactured are also produced by several companies such as Novo Nordisk and Roche, it looks like and promises a new way to fight the problem of diabetes, linked to weight problems (obesity).

Byetta was introduced in 2005 to treat type 2 diabetes and have been sold throughout the world who generate sales value amounted to 195 million dollars in the second quarter, increasing 25% a year later.

The last case caused two people died wearer. News about the effects of these drugs has caused Amylin shares fall 13% market share in New York. In Europe, Novo Nordisk, based in the Danish stock price was down 4.66%. Liraglutide is a new drug for the company's expectations Novo, with analysis of the estimated 1 billion sales per year - six billion dollars. Shares in Ipsen, a French producer of drugs that produce similar drugs called taspoglutide with Roche, the stock price fell by 2.63.

Byetta, liraglutide and taspoglutide made for to stimulate release of insulin only when blood sugar levels are very high. Is everything going to cause side effects such as Byetta is still not clear.

Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, chief science officer of a Novo said that even has discovered several cases of pancreatitis in patients taking liraglutide, but there was no statistically significant data showing a higher frequency in patients taking liraglutide. Byetta were injected two times a day, while liraglutide taken once daily.

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soft drink, bad for your pancreas

A recent study about the effects of carbonated soft drinks or soft drinks reveals gruesome facts. According to a study published in 'Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention' people who drink soft drinks at least twice a week at risk of suffering from pancreatic cancer two-fold.

The researchers collected data on consumption of soft drinks, juices, diet and nutrition, as well as data about lifestyle and environmental factors of 60.524 Singaporean people. Unsparing study followed up until 14 years. The study was conducted on residents living in housing owned by the government - such as that served nine of 10 Singaporeans. Research attention to diet, physical activity, reproductive history, occupation, and medical history.

Research shows 87 percent of the highest risk of pancreatic cancer were those who drank two or more soft drinks per week. Meanwhile, there's no linkage factor natara juice consumption with pancreatic cancer.

Why? "High sugar levels in soft drinks will increase insulin levels in the body. That is what encourages the growth of pancreatic cancer cells," said lead researcher Mark Pereira of the University of Minnesota, such as pages loaded, Tuesday, February 9, 2010. Insulin, he added, helps the body metabolizes sugar. Insulin is produced in the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly types of cancer. According to the American Cancer Sosiety, only five percent of people convicted of pancreatic cancer, which can survive for five years. Pereira said the doctor, although research conducted in Asia, the results are relevant also for Westerners. "Singapore is a developed country with good healthcare. The population fond of eating and shopping, the same as in Western countries," he added.

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flavanol for your pancreas

Research on diet of 183.518 residents of California and Hawaii, has shown evidence that foods containing a lot of flavonols may help prevent cancers of the pancreas. Flavonols can be found in plant foods. Onions, apples, berries, green vegetables, and broccoli has the highest flavonol content.

From other research there for an average of 529 people eight years of pancreatic cancer. People who eat foods with the highest flavonol content in their diet, as measured by the "list of what questions they often eat", has a 23% lower risk of esophageal cancer of the pancreas compared with people with the lowest flavonol levels, said Dr. Nthlings Ute from Germany Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Los Angeles.

In this case smokers took the most benefit. The condition is because they already face a high risk for pancreatic cancer. Smokers who ate the most flavonols reduced risk for pancreatic cancer gland until 59%, compared with smokers who consumed at least flavonols.

Current smoking was the only risk factor for this disease. "Quitting smoking short-term and constantly show lifestyle factors, may help protect people from this deadly cancer," said Nthlings in a statement.

Of the three individual flavonols studied (kaempferol, quercetin and myricetin). Kaempferol, which is abundant in spinach and some cabbages, associated with the largest risk reduction (22%) among all subjects studied.

At all levels of consumption, total consumption of flavonol such as quercetin are most numerous in the onion and myricetin are found in berries, associated with a statistically significant trend toward reduced pancreatic cancer risk among current smokers, but not among former smokers or those who never smoked.

The study did not investigate the biological mechanisms of how the flavonols might protect humans from cancer, pancreatic gland. However, anti-cancer effects of such materials, in general, has stems from its ability to inhibit cell growth and oxidative stress, and enter a detoxification enzymes and programmed cell death.

In conclusion, Nthlings said, "these important findings is that consuming a lot of flavonols might help reduce pancreatic cancer risk, especially among smokers. Therefore, this study underlines the current recommendation regarding the consumption of foods based on vegetable oils, although these findings still must be confirmed in other studies to produce a definite conclusion. "

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wrong medicine could damage your pancreas

A popular drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes likely potential to cause side effects such as disruption of pancreatic (pancreas), low levels for some patients. But if the drug is often consumed for a long time, the user at risk of pancreatic cancer.

According to the result of a team of researchers from the University of California (UCLA), United States, as contained in pages ScienceDaily, May 1, 2009. According to the research team, which referred to the diabetes drug sitagliptin, which is sold in pill form with the name Januvia, marketed by Merck & Co.. Inc.

That Drugs cause disturbances in the pancreas. In addition, one of the important organs in the body's digestive system can become inflamed. For the long term, the most severe effect is pancreatic cancer. Sitagliptin is a member of a new class of drugs that can improve the performance of the gut hormone known as glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1). The hormone was shown to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels for people with Type 2 diabetes.

"Type 2 Diabetes is a lifelong disease. The patient was taking the same drugs for years, it is feared could lead to the emergence of side effects with the risk of pancreatic cancer," said dr. Peter Butler, director of the center Hillblom and concurrent chairman of the research team.

"The problem now is the effects of unwanted medicines for the pancreas that can not be detected by human beings except the pancreas are removed from the body and investigated," continued Butler.

Researchers are also studying the link between Byetta - a drug that is also used for Type 2 diabetes associated with Hanuvia - and inflammation of the pancreas. Therefore Oversight Office at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued warning letters to Amylin Corp., which manufactures Byetta, although there is no certain results about the drug connection with disorders of the pancreas.

To be sure, the UCLA team considered that there may be links between drugs that enhance the action of GLP-1 with inflammation of the pancreas.

However, Butler admitted his team just apply to the rat experiment. Thus, there may be effects found in mice does not occur in humans. "So, while waiting for other data, it is good enough if this temporary use of GLP-1 class of drugs with metformin," said Butler.

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Diabetes Danger

Here are some serious dangers caused by diabetes.

Long-Term Complications
Diabetes can cause long-term complications such as heart attack, stroke, blindness due to glaucoma, kidney disease, and wounds can not heal until the infection and had to be amputated. Even the most dreadful degree is death. These complications caused by blood vessel damage, nerve damage, and the inability of the body against infection. However, not all diabetic patients experience long-term problems of this.

Although it is not good when a high sugar content, but a patient with diabetes mellitus or diabetes may also be a sudden onset of very low blood sugar below the normal threshold is called hypoglycemia. It's also very dangerous because it can make sufferers shaky, sweaty, tired, hungry, irritable, or confused or fast heartbeat, blurred vision, headache, body numbness, or tingling around the mouth and lips. Even be the seizure or fainting. Often times, proper diet and regular meals can help prevent problems that. Consume glucose, such as fruit juice or glucose tablets, can raise blood sugar levels back to a safer level to other foods can be consumed.
If glucose can not be processed properly by the body, fat and protein in the body to be utilized by the body's energy. But when the body burns fat, forming a residue called ketones. Ketones accumulate in the blood and flows into the urine. Since the ketone is more acidic than healthy tissue, high levels of ketones in the blood can cause a serious condition called ketoacidosis. The early symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis is thirst and frequent urination, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and abdominal pain (especially in children). Breathing becomes deep and rapid as the body attempts to repair the blood acidity. Patient breath smells like the smell of acetone. Diabetic ketoacidosis could develop into a coma, sometimes within just a few hours.

Prevent and Control Diabetes

Given the dangers and complications that can result from diabetes, then avoid or control high blood sugar levels is the best way. How?

* Lose weight. Fat in the body can absorb insulin.
* Avoid fatty foods, preserved or fried. Instead, choose foods high in carbohydrate and glucose complex.
* Reduce or sweet foods which contain lots of high calorie glucose.
* Drink plenty of water.
* Exercise regularly.
* Avoid stress.
* Avoid alcohol or softdrink.
* Avoid smoking. Diabetics who smoke are even more risky, because of their habits of heart and circulatory system damage, and narrowing of blood vessels. A reference stating that 95 percent of diabetes-related amputations performed on smokers.
* Drink a doctor recommended drug for lowering blood sugar levels.
* For patients with type 1 diabetes, regular insulin should be given through insulin therapy.

Cure diabetes did not exist, but by controlling blood sugar, one can avoid the dangers of this disease. Changing diet and lifestyle for the better and more healthy to be started. People who suspect that he was suffering from diabetes should see a doctor who has experience in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

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Diabetes Symptoms

Because of the lack of insulin and has a high sugar content in blood, then some of the symptoms that are common to both type 1 diabetes or type 2. If you experience some of these symptoms, you'll want to check to determine blood sugar levels. In general, several symptoms that occur include:

* Frequent urination
* Often feel very thirsty
* Often hungry because they do not have enough energy so the body's hunger signals
* Weight loss despite a sudden there is no attempt to lose weight. This is because when the body can not distribute the sugar into the cells, the body burn fat and protein alone to get energy.
* Frequently tingling in the feet or hands.
* Having problems like itchy skin or ulcers.
* If injured, take longer to be cured.
* Changes in behavior such as irritability. The causes for type 1 diabetics often awoke at night to urinate and could not sleep soundly.
* Easy to feel tired.

Are You Affected Diabetes?

Although these symptoms can indicate a person has had diabetes, but the best way to determine whether you have diabetes or not is to do the checking. What can be done to see if you have diabetes? Here are some alternatives that you can do either personally or in clinical tests.

How much sugar levels are normal?
Sugar levels after fasting:
Normal: below 100 mg / dl
Prediabetes: 100-126 mg / dl
Diabetes: above 126 mg / dl

Sugar levels two hours after eating:
Normal: below 140 mg / dl
Prediabetes: 140-200 mg / dl
Diabetes: above 200 mg / dl

Blood Tests

Usually done in the laboratory, which is tested when fasting and postprandial blood. Before conducting the test, you must fast for 12 hours. Normal glucose levels during fasting is below 100 mg / dl. After that, blood sampling will be carried back two hours after eating, when the results above 140 mg / dL may mean you have diabetes.

Urine tests

Urine or urine checked for albumin, sugar and determines the mikroalbuminurea to whether a person suffering from this disease or not. This test was also conducted in the laboratory or clinic.


This test can be done independently at home if you have the appliance. The trick is to put a needle in the finger to take blood samples. Then, blood samples were placed into the gap which is available on glukometer machine. The result is not too accurate, but can be used to monitor the sugar for people with no indication of sugar so that if the height can be checked in the lab and call the doctor. Recent glukometer tools have been designed so easy to use and does not cause pain when taking a blood sample.

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diabetes and pancreas cancer

Diabetic which suffered by Americans with middle-aged or older than the newly diagnosed , it also has a high risk of pancreatic cancer. This was revealed in the results of a study conducted at the Mayo Clinic Cancer in the United States, published Tuesday (2 / 8).

Diabetes, During the three years since being diagnosed with patients had a risk eight times higher pancreatic cancer compared with those without diabetes, according to the study. Diabetes itself may be as early symptoms of pancreas cancer, the researchers said. "Pancreatic cancer is difficult to detect until entering an advanced stage, so that life expectancy for patients is very small," said Dr Suresh Chari, who led the study.

"This study is important, because it can lead us to identify indicators that enable early detection and treatment," he said. Pancreatic cancer has killed all the 32 000 people diagnosed with the disease in the United States, so putting this as a killer disease for case number four cancer.

In the journal Gastroenterology, Chari with colleagues say they have conducted a study of 2122 patients from Rochester, Minnesota, aged 50 and more than 50 years who were diagnosed with diabetes between 1950 and 1995. Pancreatic cancer is uncommon and difficult to detect, in which 18 of the patients who performed the study of new cancer diagnosed within three years.

Chari leadership team is then comparing that figure with the number of people with age and same sex who are not diabetic. From there to know that with diabetes have a risk eight times higher pancreatic cancer compared to those without diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes, namely type-2 diabetes can be diagnosed when the body no longer respond properly to insulin, while type-1 diabetes can be caused by damage to cells in the pancreas.

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The pancreas is a rather narrow length gland. It lies behind the duodenum and contains a collection of cells called Langerhans islands. Langerhans Islands produce insulin and glucagon hormones used to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood. Insulin will convert blood glucose excess into glycogen and then stored in the liver and muscles. At a time when the body requires extra energy, glycogen stored in the liver will be modified by glucagon to glucose which can be used as additional energy.

Pancreas also contains cells that produce pancreatic Lymph. pancreatic Lymph is a digestive Lymph that has an important role in treating the three main groups of organic foods, namely carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. pancreatic Lymph is mainly composed of water, bicarbonate, and enzymes that can be categorized based on the enzyme trypsin, the enzyme amylase, and lipase.

Pancreatic Lymph flowed into duodenum via two channels along the pancreas. In the duodenum, bicarbonate neutralizes acid chymus. Trypsin work on proteins in the food and helped refine the process of digestion in the stomach with pepsin enzyme produced by the stomach. Amylase role in the continuing process of carbohydrate solution that had been initiated by the enzymes in saliva ptyalin. Meanwhile, the lipase has a role no less important in the process of splitting fat.

The development of an artificial pancreas, replacement of the beta cell mass using pluripotent stem cells, and transplantation of pancreatic islets isolated from cadaveric organs are the most promising approaches. At any given moment, any one of these approaches could lead to a breakthrough. Islet transplantation has emerged as a promising alternative to treat diabetes. Even when insulin independence has been achieved only for a relatively short period of time after an islets transplant, the metabolic improvement of an islet graft is clinically significant. The prevention of the immunorejection of an islets graft could make islets transplantation the cure of at least type 1 diabetes.

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co-ops business

Back in the 80's and early 90's, before Gery Carson founded SFI, he was a very visible and highly successful player in network marketing. In fact, he built some of the largest downlines seen at the time and was the No. 1 distributor for a number of network marketing companies.

What was the biggest key to his success? Co-op advertising! Early in his network marketing career, he saw how powerful co-op advertising was, and he used it to the greatest extent possible.
Co-op advertising is a popular and VERY powerful method of advertising in which two or more people share the cost of advertising and the resulting benefits. It allows you and your team members to pool your dollars together to advertise, and then share in the resulting leads generated.
But the benefits go beyond shared leads.
The real power of your co-op lies in the fact that YOU are the co-op leader. Because of the SFI commission structure, you can actually earn on EVERY new affiliate your co-op attracts—not just those who get recorded as having you as their sponsor.
Think about how powerful that is!
Let's say you create a co-op where shares are $50 apiece. You put in $50 yourself and you get 40 members of your downline to also participate for $50 each. When you run your ads, you'll have over $2,000 in advertising working for you (yet you only put in $50 yourself)!
But it wasn't just you who benefitted. EVERYONE wins, of course, because you provided a way for your inexperienced team members to get leads flowing into their groups quickly, easily, inexpensively, and with low-risk.

Co-ops are AWESOME!

He once created a co-op for a direct mail campaign that went out to over 100,000 people. Yet his cost for printing and postage for this mammoth mailing was ZERO. You can do the same thing. You can do all kinds of co-ops and create phenomenal growth, activity, and excitement in your group.
And here's the best part: When he did his co-ops in the past, there was a significant amount of manual work that had to be done to set them up, track the results, distribute the leads, etc.
However, through the SFI Co-op Manager, we do all the heavy lifting and provide you the platform to create and run easy, no-fuss co-ops. All you have to do is plug in your co-op participants and collect payments.

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home marketing

Dear Potential Business Owner:
If you are like me, I've searched the Internet over and wasted lots of time and money with "get rich quick" businesses that turned out to be schemes. I've always wanted to start my own business that was LEGITIMATE and HONEST (and not a "pie in the sky" fairy tale). Well, I did it! I've officially started my own home business as an affiliate with SFI (Strong Future International). Here are some of the reasons why I decided to go with SFI:
* Their parent company has been around since 1985.
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* You can do everything from home on your computer.
* 24-hour support.
* Free training and free Website.
* They're growing rapidly and there's lots of money to be made.

There's nothing to lose and everything to gain here, including more time with your family and more money in your wallet. It's well worth looking at SFI and investing in your future with us. For more information, see

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type 2 diabetes

type 2 diabetes often also called Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, or Diabetes Mellitus Without Insulin Dependent. Unlike diabetest type 1, type 2 problem is not because the pancreas does not produce insulin, but because the insulin produced by pancreas is not enough. Most of the insulin, inhaled by fat cells due to lifestyle and eating habits. While the pancreas can not make enough insulin to overcome insulin deficiency so that blood sugar levels will rise.

Type 2 diabetes is a type of diabetes that affects the majority. Approximately 90% to 95% of diabetics suffers type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes, is most commonly suffered by adults over the age of 30 years and tends to get worse gradually.

Causes of Type 2 Diabetes
The cause of type 2 diabetes is the insulin produced by the pancreas is not sufficient to bind the sugar in the blood caus of diet or an unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the main causes of type 2 diabetes can be summarized as follows:

* genetic Factor.
* A diet or an unhealthy lifestyle. Numbers of fast food outlets (fast food), which presents the fatty and unhealthy foods.
* High cholesterol levels.
* Rarely exercise.
* Obesity or being overweight.

All causes of type 2 diabetes is generally due to unhealthy lifestyles. This makes the metabolism in the body is not perfect, so make insulin in the body can not function properly. The insulin hormone can be absorbed by fat in the body. Thus diet and unhealthy living light can make the body lacks insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Type 2 diabetes treatment is to force the work function of the pancreas so it can produce more insulin. If the pancreas can produce insulin the body needed, then the blood sugar levels would decrease due to be converted into energy. In many cases, can be treated with pills, at least initially, to stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin. The pill itself is not insulin.

However the pancreas can be tired if constantly forced to produce insulin. The best way is with a good diet to lose weight and sugar content, accompanied by appropriate calisthenics.

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type 1 diabetes

In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas can not produce insulin. Because of the lack of insulin, the glucose stays in the bloodstream and can not be used as energy. Without enough insulin, glucose builds up in the bloodstream instead of going into the cells. The body is unable to use this glucose for energy. This leads to the symptoms of type 1 diabetes.

The exact cause of diabetes is unknown, but most likely there is a viral or environmental trigger in genetically susceptible people that causes an immune reaction. The body's white blood cells mistakenly attack the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells. Some reasons why the pancreas can not produce insulin are:

* genetic factors. If one or both parents had diabetes, then the children are at risk of diabetes.
* Autoimmune body is allergic to one type of cell or tissue itself -in this case- which exist in the pancreas. The body loses the ability to form insulin because the immune system destroys the cells that produce insulin.
* Virus or chemical substances, that cause damage to the cells (cell groups) in the pancreas where insulin is made.

Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

Because the pancreas produces insulin difficulties, then the insulin must be added each day. Generally by the injection. Is it possible with oral care? You can not, because insulin can be destroyed in the stomach when inserted through the mouth.

Another way is to improve the function of the pancreas. If the pancreas can function normally, the pancreas can produce insulin the body needs.

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diabetes definition

The full name of the diabetes is diabetes mellitus. The term "diabetes mellitus" comes from the Greek which, when translated means "flowing through the pipe with atmospheric pressure" and the Latin language which can be translated as "sweet as honey". this Greek and Latin understanding, describe diabetes precisely. Because the water past the body of diabetic patients as if poured from the mouth through the urinary tract and directly out of the body. Diabetisi urine it was sweet, because it contains sugar. Long time ago, one tests for diabetes is, to pour the patient's urine near an ant nest. If the insects infest the urine, this indicates the existence of sugar.
Every food we eat is converted into energy by the body. In the stomach and intestines, food elaborated into several basic elements, including one type of sugar, namely glucose. If there is sugar, the pancreas produces insulin, which helps drain the sugar into body cells. Then, the sugar can be absorbed well in the body and burned to produce energy.

When a person has diabetes, their pancreas can not produce enough insulin to absorb sugar obtained from food. That which causes blood the hight of sugar levels, due to heaps of sugar from food that can not be absorbed well and burned into energy. Other causes are the defective of insulin or the body can not utilize insulin properly.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, an organ next to the stomach. This hormone attaches itself to receptors on the cell wall. Insulin receptors duty is to open the cell wall, so glucose enters the cell. Then, these cells convert glucose into energy which body needs to do activities. In other words, insulin helps deliver sugar into cells so that transformed into energy. If the amount of insulin is not enough, the sugar will hoard in the blood causing diabetes.

The cause of diabetes depending on the type of diabetes who suffer. There are two common types of diabetes are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The difference is in type 1 diabetes, pancreas can not produce insulin, while type 2 diabetes, pancreas produce not enough insulin.

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healthy semen

The Efforts to have a baby not not only be the female. Fertility men also need to be considered, especially about the number and level of mobility of sperm. Many ways that mam could do to produce healthy sperm.

Alienate man from alcohol had a positive effect to increase the number and mobility of sperm. Clothing also affects. Pants that are too stringent or less influential both for the quality of sperm production. Besides bathing in hot tubs habit apparently also needs to be reduced, because less good for the testes.

In addition to lifestyle, diet had a big hand. Organic foods free of pesticides and chemicals can reduce sperm count. While foods containing these nutrients can improve fertility in men:

* Zinc
Oyster is known as a stimulant of food passions. Eating oysters can enhance the mood became more romantic. Oysters contain zinc which can encourage better fertility in men, according to research from the University of Michigan. Other foods that contain zinc are meat, liver, legumes such as peas, beans, peas, and ginger root.

* Calcium and vitamin D report the results of research from the University of Wisconsin that calcium and vitamin D increase the fertility of men. Foods that contain calcium include milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt. While vitamin D can be obtained from the salmon.

* Antioxidants (vitamins E and C)
Vitamins E and C is the most powerful antioxidant because it can fight free radicals that damage sperm. Men need more to eat a diet rich in vitamins E and C, to maintain quality of sperm in the number and durability. E bervitamin food such as spinach, broccoli, kiwi, mango, tomato, sunflower seeds, almond, and peanut butter. While vitamin C found in citrus fruits and peppers (red, yellow, orange).

* Folic acid (Vitamin B complex)
Folic acid is a vitamin essential to increase the number of sperm and increase fertility. Foods containing folic acid can be found in grapefruit, cereal, wheat, beans, asparagus, spinach, and sunflower seeds.

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ragnarok world championship in Indonesia

Indonesia will host the International level game champions, Ragnarok World Championship in 2010 (RCW 2010). Gravity Co.., Ltd.. cooperation with PT LYTO Datarindo Fortuna will host this event which will be the first time in Indonesia.

"We are very proud to be able to host Ragnarok World Championship 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia this year. Ragnarok is one of the most popular online game around the world, and we hope we can bring togetherness to all RO players in Indonesia and the world." Mr. Suryanto Andi said, CEO Lyto Indonesia in a press release, Tuesday (20/4/2010).

Ragnarok World Championship 2010 is planned to be held in October 2010 in Jakarta. Ragnarok World Championship is one of the biggest tournaments Ragnarok Online, in which various countries fight over off the no. 1 position as the best guilds in the world. RWC has been held four times, and this time, the RWC Indonesia in 2010, is the fifth RWC event. Previously, the RWC was held in the city of Manila, Philippines, in 2008, and in 2009 was held in the city of Yokohama, Japan.

In this event, RWC 2010, will play 12 teams from 32 countries around the world, like Indonesia, Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Russia, Brazil, USA, and others.

Ragnarok online is MPOCG (Community Multi-Player Online Game) which is based on the story and the same background of famous comic book written by Lee Myoung-Jin, titled Ragnarok. Comics are then developed into an online game that focuses on community features among the players. Ragnarok Online game has been played thousands of gamers in more than 57 countries around the world.

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ceo games

Who would not want to be a CEO (chief executive officer), aka the number one in the company? What if suddenly you're offered the job this time? It's not impossible to happens, especially if you decide to make your own company. Even if you feel you're not ready yet to be CEO, sharpen your ability to conduct business. Now there is a specially designed simulation games to train your prospective CEOs.

This Games is named Cisco myPlanet. Provided by Cisco, the leading network equipment manufacturers. This is a simulation game that puts players as CEO of an internet services company. Virtually, user could be a CEO, who provides internet service from dial up to broadband era and mobile.

This Games, that similar to Sim City, are available for download and free to use. The size of the installation files is just 40 MB. Prospective users must also register at the Cisco site to use it. In addition, there is online forums too.

Cisco myPlanNet can be downloaded at the Cisco site. Or you can also download directly in or in or in zip.html or in

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David cook another story

David Cook may have gotten his first taste of fame thanks to Simon, Paula, and Randy, but his musical ambitions began long before he appeared in front of their judging table. Born in Houston, David Cook was raised in Blue Springs, Missouri. He began singing in second grade and performed in his school’s musical theater productions, but David Cook found that rock and roll was more his style when he picked up a guitar at age 13.
David Cook formed his first band, Axium, at 15, though his attention was split between music and sports. “I thought I wanted to be a pro baseball player, but my fastball wasn’t fast enough and I couldn’t hit to save my life,” he says. “Performing was the only thing I ever felt I was great at.”

David Cook recorded a solo CD called Analog Heart, during his senior year of college at Central Missouri State, which sold well regionally. In 2006, after obtaining a degree in graphic arts, David Cook had to decide whether he wanted to be a musician or a graphic designer. “I gave myself every opportunity not to do music,” he says, “but it was always there. I couldn’t ignore it.” He moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was in the early stages of recording his second album when his younger brother Andrew asked David Cook to accompany him to Omaha and lend moral support while he tried out for American Idol. Andrew didn’t make the cut, but he encouraged a very reluctant David to try out. “He threatened to beat my ass if I didn’t, so it’s entirely his fault that all this happened to me,” David Cook says with a smile.

David Cook rewrote chart history when 11 of his songs debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, One week after being declared the winner with a record-breaking 56 percent of the nearly 100 million votes cast, — the highest number of new entries in a single week by an artist since the Beatles in 1964. Topping the list was "The Time of My Life," which debuted at No. 3, making it the highest new entry on the Hot 100 of 2008.
David Cook, In July, hit the road with his fellow Idol contestants for the American Idols Live! Tour, which visited more than 40 cities across the U.S. — an experience he cites as extremely valuable. “Being able to make a 16,000-seat arena feel intimate is one of the trickiest things to pull off,” he says. “If you can get the people in the nosebleed seats to feel as though they’re getting the same show as the people sitting front and center, then you're doing something amazing. That’s always going to be my goal.”

David Cook has performed the songs on his debut album, It shouldn’t be too tough. Gutsy and epic, but grounded in the personal, the songs are tailor-made for those magical moments when music, whether it be uplifting or heart-breaking, can transport you to another place, which is exactly what David Cook intended. “I want my album to be an exhausting experience, in that you listen to it and have to take a breath to collect yourself, and immediately need to listen to it all over again,” he says. “I want people to hear it and feel like they just ran a 5K marathon.”

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a little story

David Cook shaked the country. Millions of people around the country fell in love with rock belter David Cook while watching him make other people’s songs his own week after week on the seventh season of American Idol. David Cook won the competition handily thanks to viewers connecting with his rich, unfettered voice and passionately intense performances, not to mention his down-to-earth Midwestern charm. Now, with the release of his self-titled major-label debut, this gifted 25-year-old is eager to show those fans what he can do when he’s in the driver’s seat.

David Cook says “I went on Idol with a five-card hand and showed three of my cards, Now it’s time to put down the other two. There’s a lot I haven’t shown the world, just as far as who I am and what I’m about. I have several layers as an artist and those layers are out there on this record. I don’t see myself ever writing an autobiography; I’m just going to let the music speak for itself.” And it does — loud and clear.

David Cook is a statement-making album, filled with bold, keenly felt songs that showcase David Cook’s powerful vocal chops and considerable songwriting talent, as well as the versatility that made him a star on Idol. The first single “Light On,” with its Southern rock vibe, is light years away from the gut-wrenching ballad “Permanent,” which couldn’t be more different than the swaggering shredder “Bar-Ba-Sol.”

David Cook says “I wanted to make an eclectic album that went places, This is my first major-label release and that gave me some room to be a bit of a chameleon and try different things. So there’s a diversity of influences on this record. I wasn’t sure how we were going to tie everything together, when we were going through the process.” That job fell to producer Rob Cavallo, a veteran studio wiz who has helmed hit albums for Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and Kid Rock, among many others. “Rob did a great job of tuning in to who I am as a person,” David Cook says. “He really made the songs fit me, as opposed to tailoring them to fit someone else’s perception of me.”

David Cook also gives props to his songwriting collaborators, an illustrious list that includes former Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell, Goo Goo Dolls frontman Johnny Rzeznik, Nixons singer/guitarist Zac Maloy, and Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida, one of David Cook’s longtime idols. David Cook co-wrote three songs with Maida, including “Heroes,” which he describes as an homage to his supportive family, and “Permanent,” a song addressed to his older brother Adam who is battling brain cancer.

David Cook recalls “We recorded ‘Permanent’ in two takes and everyone in the room was crying, I actually had to leave at one point because it was so emotional. As a musician, any time you can create something where the end result is exactly what’s in your head, well there’s a heaviness to that moment and it overwhelmed me. I’ve been writing songs for ten years and that was the first time I’d felt it. I think there’s an honesty throughout the record that culminates in that song.”

“Permanent” comes near the end of an album that is full of highlights, from the chiming opener “Declaration” (which David Cook likens to “me standing on top of a building and declaring my intentions for this album”) to the arena-friendly sing-along closer “A Daily AntheM,” and everything in between, including the propulsive “Come Back To Me” and the poignant “Lie,” both of which illustrate the album’s recurring theme. “It’s the idea of love amidst separation,” David Cook explains. “‘Come Back To Me’ is about loving someone you can’t be near, whereas ‘Lie’ is about being in a dysfunctional relationship that you don’t want to end because you still see the good in it.”

Then there’s “Life on the Moon” whose lyric “The life that I knew, it’s through…I’m alone in this crowded room…It’s like life on the moon” feels particularly fitting given how much David Cook’s circumstances have changed since he auditioned for American Idol on a whim back in August 2007. “What I like about that song is that it represents the last year of my life without perverting the last year of my life,” he says. “It’s written so that it could be about the whole Idol journey, but it doesn’t have to be.”

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profile david cook

David Cook, American Idol's 7th season winner, hails from Blue Springs, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. David, 25, graduated from Blue Springs South High School and holds a degree in Graphic Design from Central Missouri State University.
Name: David Roland Cook
Birth Date : December 20, 1982
Birth Place : Houston, Texas, USA
Height : 6' 2"
Nationality : American

* Graduated from Blue Springs High School, Missouri, USA
* Attended University of Central Missouri, in Warrensburg, Missouri, USA

David Cook Family
Father : Stan Cook
Mother : Beth Foraker

Adam Cook (older, d. 2-May-09), Andrew Cook (younger)

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php may be you don't know yet

Let us do something more useful now. We are going to check what sort of browser the visitor is using. For that, we check the user agent string the browser sends as part of the HTTP request. This information is stored in a variable. Variables always start with a dollar-sign in PHP. The variable we are interested in right now is $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'].

Let us do something more useful now. We are going to check what sort of browser the visitor is using. For that, we check the user agent string the browser sends as part of the HTTP request. This information is stored in a variable. Variables always start with a dollar-sign in PHP. The variable we are interested in right now is $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'].
Note: $_SERVER is a special reserved PHP variable that contains all web server information. It is known as a superglobal. See the related manual page on superglobals for more information. These special variables were introduced in PHP » 4.1.0. Before this time, we used the older $HTTP_*_VARS arrays instead, such as $HTTP_SERVER_VARS. Although deprecated, these older variables still exist. (See also the note on old code.)
To display this variable, you can simply do:
Example #1 Printing a variable (Array element)
<?phpecho $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];?>
A sample output of this script may be:

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)
There are many types of variables available in PHP. In the above example we printed an Array element. Arrays can be very useful.
$_SERVER is just one variable that PHP automatically makes available to you. A list can be seen in the Reserved Variables section of the manual or you can get a complete list of them by looking at the output of the phpinfo() function used in the example in the previous section.
You can put multiple PHP statements inside a PHP tag and create little blocks of code that do more than just a single echo. For example, if you want to check for Internet Explorer you can do this:
Example #2 Example using control structures and functions
<?phpif (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'MSIE') !== FALSE) {
'You are using Internet Explorer.<br />';
A sample output of this script may be:
You are using Internet Explorer.<br />
Here we introduce a couple of new concepts. We have an if statement. If you are familiar with the basic syntax used by the C language, this should look logical to you. Otherwise, you should probably pick up an introductory PHP book and read the first couple of chapters, or read the Language Reference part of the manual.
The second concept we introduced was the strpos() function call. strpos() is a function built into PHP which searches a string for another string. In this case we are looking for 'MSIE' (so-called needle) inside $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] (so-called haystack). If the needle is found inside the haystack, the function returns the position of the needle relative to the start of the haystack. Otherwise, it returns FALSE. If it does not return FALSE, the if expression evaluates to TRUE and the code within its {braces} is executed. Otherwise, the code is not run. Feel free to create similar examples, with if, else, and other functions such as strtoupper() and strlen(). Each related manual page contains examples too. If you are unsure how to use functions, you will want to read both the manual page on how to read a function definition and the section about PHP functions.
We can take this a step further and show how you can jump in and out of PHP mode even in the middle of a PHP block:
Example #3 Mixing both HTML and PHP modes
<?phpif (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'MSIE') !== FALSE) {?><h3>strpos() must have returned non-false</h3>
<p>You are using Internet Explorer</p>
<?php} else {?><h3>strpos() must have returned false</h3>
<p>You are not using Internet Explorer</p>
A sample output of this script may be:
<h3>strpos() must have returned non-false</h3>
<p>You are using Internet Explorer</p>
Instead of using a PHP echo statement to output something, we jumped out of PHP mode and just sent straight HTML. The important and powerful point to note here is that the logical flow of the script remains intact. Only one of the HTML blocks will end up getting sent to the viewer depending on the result of strpos(). In other words, it depends on whether the string MSIE was found or not.

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POMOSDA,, their travel in magazine wall contest 2008

Spectacular ideas continue to emerge from participants Honda mading War 2. Mading they show the jury made the team who did a road to school shaking his head. Like the previous day, yesterday's ideas still dominate the global warming. However, there is also the theme of education and future technologies.

The theme of the environment carried by the Papar district of East High School, SMAN Kertosono Nganjuk, SMA Muhammadiyah Kertosono, and junior Pomosda Nganjuk. While mading represented by the high school education-themed Pomosda Nganjuk, MTs Ulul Albab Nganjuk, and MTsN Cape Farmers Nganjuk. One school, junior high school 1 Prambon, futurustik with the background theme of astronomy.

In high school Pomosda, there is a giant replica of the four books that are stacked like a house. "If the role of education pursued in all aspects of life, ranging from the morality of the nation till the present environmental degradation," explained Yocta, mading Pomosda crew.

It is also appointed by the junior Ulul Albab and MTsN Cape Tani. Mading both were two-dimensional shape with simple appearance. This is their first appearance in the race mading school. Ahya Nevertheless, students of class VIII MTsN Cape Farmer admitted to not be afraid to compete with other participants.

Presented the students a unique appearance SMPN1 mading Prambon with futuristic themed. Mading unique because in addition they also display dozens of Honda motorcycles from year to year around mading, plus his umbrella girl. Meanwhile, mading triangle with the ornament on top of the solar system visible light with metallic colors. "This is a manifestation of our desire to continue to move towards a better future," said Dewi, seventh-grader who also became a journalist school.

Familiar themes: environment and global warming brought SMA 1 and SMA Muhammadiyah Kertosono Kertosono. SMAN 1 Kertosono showing the castle of the former mineral water bottles. His article was about the waste and the environment. While SMA Muhammadiyah comes with its green shaped home city. "We hope to pass the final even though the first time to come," said Endra, eleventh grade students who presented madingnya yesterday.

The theme of junior high school of Pomosda is water. With descriptions of three bare tree trunks. Complete with bird nests and dry twigs.

Meanwhile, SMAN 1 Papar combine education and the environment. Ornament-shaped desk with a globe covered with cigarette butts. "This is a symbol that cigarette smoke contributed to the increased heat of the earth," reasons Linda siswai class XI. They also made observations related to the pollution of water in rivers.

While giving thumbs-up, the jury also gave critiques and input. "Primarily mading is the writing, while the display serves to attract readers to come and read the writing in mading," he said Jauhar Yohanis, the jury Honda mading War 2.

Today, teams of judges will tour visiting eight schools in the town of Kediri. Namely, Junior High School, Junior Ar Risala, SMA Ar Risala, SMA 4 Kediri, Daha Pawiyatan SMA, SMK TI Pelita Nusantara, SMK Al-Huda.

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sma pomosda, 2nd champions of school newspaper design contest 2008

In series 2 School Contest, you could say the school newspaper design contest is the most minimal participant. In total only 20 design participated. Both the junior and senior high school. this Minimal participant does not mean quality is also minimal. Design school newspaper this year even more varied and good in quality. Its news and contents or weighted.

Eleven finalists managed to escape. Newspaper design they exhibited during the Final Party (26-27/07) ago. Display with actual size, the paper praised the finalists deserved. Especially the third property winners.

Rony Setiyawan, the first winner of this contest smiled when desainya practically good. Student class XII IPA 4 was admitted for the first time following the design competition. Therefore, can be a champion for him is a surprise. Although small, Rony has a lot of expertise. Evidently, not only designs the paper. Rony also become a crew leader mading school. And managed to obtain the Best Performance by mading shaped pagoda.

This 17-year-old student was fond of drawing and designing. At first he knew of design in a computer program from the brothers, graduates of visual communication design. Then he began to study myself more deeply. Armed with experience designing and building a school Newspaper. He was finally brave show of skill when the contest began. Name of school newspapers is Metafo (Media News and Information). Green, Rony design is attracting attention.

Themed environment and global warming effects. Its main points are the subject of coral reefs. "Just happened to have lots of pictures of coral reefs, as well as concerns about the condition of coral reefs in Indonesia," he explained when asked why picked the theme. The photos she took at the coral reef of white sand area of Psychology last year. Not only that, he also talks about the forest area of lung Willis as the city of Kediri. "We can not stop global warming, we can do is slow down the process," he asserted. Therefore, Rony wish people would realize the effects of global warming. Also do something meaningful after reading the article in the paper.

Similarly, desired by Edward Surya Wijaya. The third winner of this contest, representing the SMAK St. Augustine. The contents of the papers about various things about FC so close and real. Edward did not play in making paper. Starting from doing reportage by Vice Mayor Bambang Edianto, Kyai Badrus, until the former Kapolresta Jayan Kediri I Putu Danu.

"I did the interview itself into a resource home," explained the students of class XII IPA 1 this. Eldest of two brothers this has indeed been used to cover the event. Because he was also incorporated in the school magazine.

This year is the second time Edward followed a similar contest. Last year he also became the second winner. Become the third champion this year, do not let her down. Only one thing could make it down is when the final. "I just knew there was something missing in my designs on display fitting, no dates in my newspaper," he regret it. In fact, before being submitted to the committee, Edward has been repeatedly examined. Even assisted by his colleagues.

School newspaper named Quelle. Derived from the Greek word meaning a standard or benchmark that that's for sure. "So, this reflects the content of school newspapers, that is certainly true beritanta not imaginary," continued the student who liked this design and photography. Would you like to participate again next year. Edward replied, smiling. "Nggaklah, next year would have trouble ngurus college, let another class aja brother," explained Edward who wanted to lecture in civil engineering. Edward is currently serving as Chairman of Student Council hopes next year the school could be better. "It could go all the contests and win," he argued.
Meanwhile, the second champion of the high school achieved Teguh Kurniawan Pomosda Nganjuk. Firmly seated in class XII IPA 1 displays everything about school. Starting from school activities, educational systems, and other trinkets. If Rony and Edward wrote his own article in his newspaper design. Not so with Teguh. He requested the help of his friends to contribute articles.

"Not too could write, I design it," said the student who was designing this hobby. He claimed to learn drawing and design from the older class. Also assisted with supervising teachers. When creating designs for the contest yesterday, Teguh'm not bothered by difficulty. "In addition to writing, there are technical issues such as formatting text and photos," she recalled. Fortunately, there is a tutor who can be consulted.

Another exciting experience is this contest is also the first race he attended. The first time you join and become a champion, Teguh also feel proud. "Yes, never thought, delighted," pongahnya. Participate again next year? Teguh also could not be firmly answered. Because, he must concentrate on final exams and college preparation.

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pomosda and jurnalist school trip 2009

Hearing Makodim name, many people would think as a grim place. Synonymous with weapons and war. Therefore, people often think twice if they want to go into this military region. If no urgent business, the community most likely choose dissuade the military into the area.

But, if entered into Makodim 0809 Kediri, such consideration could be thrown away. This Military headquarters that located at Jalan Ahmad Yani Kediri, is far from sinister impression. Conversely, the headquarters which covering four hectares area, looks beautiful and comfortable. Although hundreds of military looks and guard heading in and out, not felt awesomeness as previously imagined.

This condition occurs because makodim is very beautiful. There are hundreds of different flowers in each corner of the complex. Starting from Palm Bottle until Wave of Love. Plants are arranged neatly in the park. In fact, every inch of ground in this place there are no empty spaces. Everything is used for crops.

If during the day, the military environment is far from hot air. Number of large trees there to make people could comfortably take shelter. While the flowers are short, will make a fresh eye.

Although overgrown with thousands of plants but the cleanliness is maintained. Hardly any leaves or twigs that had fallen. Every morning and afternoon, members of the Armed Forces based in this place is always clean.

'Reign' of ornamental plants and flowers not only in the yard or inch of existing vacant land. But also 'looting' till indoors. Included in the Non Commander Kodim (Dandim) Totok Arm Lieutenant Colonel Imam Santoso. Do not be surprised if the entrance to the room atmosphere that is reflected Totok is beauty.

"These flowers we get by buying in Kediri," said Totok.

Interestingly, despite a wide range of existing plants, all harvested from Kediri. Nothing is purchased from outside the city. Places like Ngadiluwih florists in Kediri regency became one of the Kodim 0809 earn interest.

Plants that are purchased are also not expensive. When purchased, the plants are still small. The price is only tens of thousands of rupiah. "Palm is only USD 70 thousand (without pots, Red)," explained Totok.

Interestingly, in addition to the flowers in the nursery, there was makodim Duren. Durian trees are still small number in the hundreds lined up on the north side of the room Totok.

Nursing flowers and plants delivered to all members of the District Military Command 0809. Begin fertilizing watering until the members themselves are handled.

Only, technically different watering. Adjusted for sex. Plants that do not require much water is only watered every other day. While that may one day need water twice. Morning and afternoon.

Care costs were not expensive. Although reluctant to mention, but Totok said maintenance costs are still able to be borne by the district military command. "Most just buy fertilizer," he said.

However, often reaching into koceknya Totok own to meet the needs Makodim flowers and plants in 0809. He hoped the flowers can flourish and multiply.

In addition to developing interest in the land, Kodim 0809 also uses hundreds of pots of various sizes. Pots containing flowers dijajar neat. Make it unsightly eye.

Besides the cultivation of various flowers, Totok also interested in dragon fruit plants. Therefore, it is also planted in the park Makodim dragon fruit. "I want to know if the dragon fruit will be fruitful or not," he said, pointing to the direction of the Dragon fruit trees.

With so many flowers and neatly trimmed gardens in Makodim it, TNI headquarters Totok hope it becomes beautiful and comfortable. So that residents and visitors who were there could be comfortable and breathe fresh air. Air pollution can be reduced.

Beautiful and comfortable conditions that made 0809 Makodim frequented by various circles. Ranging from kindergarten students / elementary to high schools often hold events there. Activities undertaken as outbound.

Including 27 participants communal Journalist Radar Kediri School Trip (SJT), the incoming Class Two also took time to visit there January 20, 2009. Twenty-seven participants were also able to feel the fresh garden Makodim. "Makodim 0809 turned out to be clean and beautiful," said Ahmad Zainul Abidin, Pomosda VIII class student who became one of the participants SJT.

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pomosda and school journalist 2009

Things continue to find new and exciting school journalists who became members of communism Radar Kediri Journalist School Trip (SJT) 2009. Yesterday for example, they are not only a chance to interview the cellular business, but also had time to practice as a customer service officer (CSO) at the XL Center on Jalan Kediri Joyoboyo.

This STJ Participants is not only a practicing CSO course. By the XL, for the willing to do that given the benefits package attractive. So, do not be surprised if school journalists from different regions in the territory of ex-Kediri residency were all fighting this act. Among the conduct that is Dahlia Nurlaila, eleventh grader Pomosda Nganjuk SMA. "Last try to be customer service, not too understand but he did bother to serve our customers easier," said the veiled female students of this.

Meanwhile, the arrival of school journalists directly connected to the XL Center branch manager Oki Kurniawan Kediri. With the assistance of several staff, Oki presenting materials about mobile in general, and specifically about the XL. After that, participants are welcome SJT around the office. Conduct several interviews with the staff and employees.

For the participants, the trip yesterday to make them understand the workings and subtleties of cellular operators. "It's fun, so know about the work of marketing, tips facing competition from mobile operators," explained Mega Dwi Cahyaningsih, female students of class XI Science V SMA 2 Pare. Mega is also a vice pimred school magazine was also admitted to getting a lot of science in a day.

Meanwhile, Zulhilmi, class XI student of SMAN 1 Ngronggot Nganjuk, other participants, admitted happy to meet with many friends at the event this time. Interviewing experience became a new experience for him. "Fun is also a journalist, could be interviews with various parties," he said, smiling.

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POMOSDA, big 10 favorite teacher in radar kediri 2008

His body was huge. But his tone calm and serene. Very fatherly. Perhaps, those factors that make him favorite by his students at SMAN 1 Kertosono. Being nominated for election to be held Teachers Favorites Radar Kediri Distrindo collaboration with Honda and this is a great achievement for Khoirul Anam. Moreover, he had one year of teaching in schools, usually called by name Smaker.

"I'm just trying to appreciate the wants and needs of children," she says modestly. Khoirul is a geography teacher. With subjects that are often considered to be monotone, then Khoirul must be good students do not get around so easily bored. Not forever pupils simply overwhelmed by the subject matter. Sometimes interspersed with the latest info.

Providing information on the latest world developments could make students more open outlook. Making them larger meaning of science. Khoirul also open ourselves to all the questions from his students. Including the trivial in everyday though. "Like why the fish were dumb?" glutton said a variety of this book.

Another effort from Umi Hidayati husband is the use of visual aids or auxiliary equipment. Start globe to LCD projectors. Humor was not taboo inserted every teaching. Because humor can not make them tense. Why can enter a nomination Khoirul favorite teacher? "Because Mr. Khoirul that person the same attention to students," explained Aliyyil Mustofa, students in grade 11 IPA 2.

Khoirul, the alumni IKIP Surabaya (now Unesa) was also active in various activities. Make him famous. That's why, no mere students in his class just to provide support, which was also not bribed to vote. Moreover, not only teach in Khoirul Smaker, but also in SMK Taruna Bakti Kertosono.

Other nominees are Djamaloeddin Roni. High school math teacher Pomosda Tanjunganom. Berputra five men, besides teaching also writes books. Until today, no fewer than three titles have been made. Ranging from Sufism to book reviews of books. "But I'm still having trouble looking for a publisher," said the teacher was a graduate of Unmuh Ponorogo. Kelihaiannya writing has been evident from several articles which appeared in national print and online media. People Mind Like or Bandung. The writings were often dealt with students to provide motivation.

In addition to applying quantum methods in the classroom learning, Roni also applied their learning by teaching. "Thus, students learn the way of teaching the class," says this enthusiastic teacher born in 1971. Roni is also trying to make the lessons so enjoyable in the eyes of students. "I have always been understanding to the situation of students," he admits.

For example, when the time is stepped on during the day, the man's home Magetan will not give weight material. In addition, Roni also spend time when there are students who want to meet outside class hours. Such as for consultation or other yan.

Style is what seems to make Pomosda Technology High School faculty is much preferred. The proof, in 2000 ago, hobbyist table tennis is also elected to be a favorite teacher at her school. Two nominations are another favorite teacher, I Gede Dewa Purbowo, teachers and Suismoyo SMA 2 Pare, Pare teachers from Hasanuddin MA. For Bowo, I Gede Dewa Purbowo greeting, he entered as a nomination election is very surprising. "Kan still many decent and better than me," he said.

Differences with Bowo, students at SMAN 2 Pare actually feel the opposite. Bowo worthy of being a favorite teacher because of the discipline but could be close to his pupils. A humorous figure also became the reason. For Bowo, discipline is not to scare. Conversely, Bowo try to create an atmosphere that is not tense. So that students can be fun and easy to receive materials.

In order for the Japanese language lesson, he teaches, the students could understand, Bowo stressed that every time the use of language teaching. Finally, the condition of the class very much alive. Not infrequently, because the headmaster rebuked Bowo class so noisy. "How about, learning the language that was trained to speak. If silence means you do not learn," said the man descended Bali.

Bowo have a quick trick for his students can. When you go to class, they had to say greetings in Japanese. "Anyway, if you want to go they should be greeted with the Japanese language. Similarly, if consent to the bathroom," explained Bowo. Whether because of it or just for fun, school bathroom wall is now a lot of graffiti. Of course, in Japanese.

Meanwhile, large ke10 Suismoyo admitted escape is pride. Moreover, he had to compete with other teachers and schools come from your favorites. "It was like they had elephants, I was an ant," Suis said modestly. However Suis another opinion. Hopefully with the inclusion of him into the top 10 favorite teacher it could be a passion for other teachers. Even he hopes this kind of competition could be more often held to give appreciation to the unsung heroes that have been underestimated.

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linux at pomosda

Located in POMOSDA Nganjuk (Pondok Modern Resources At-Taqwa), has conducted workshops Linux server date 28 February 2010. server fields such as webserver, database, and the mailserver peeled from the concept and who have applied by KPLI Kediri. STT Pomosda students eager to learn the service server and desktop Linux.

For entertainment, Mas Jati from N 2 Kediri demonstrating once practiced on the Compiz Fusion in Ubuntu. Seeing an interesting feature in Compiz and reliable Linux as a server, it is planned to hold regular workshops for each type of server services.

STT-POMOSDA are in the midst of rural communities, precisely in the hamlet of Cape District Tanjunganom, Nganjuk, East Java. Campus POMOSDA atmosphere surrounded by rice fields and gardens of the population, giving a natural feel and is beautiful, far from the hustle and bustle of busy as well as urban environments. POMOSDA campus occupying approximately 30 000 square meters on the land the building stands three blocks, with total area of about 5500 square meters. Since the year 2006 began to be implemented student activities facility development, with the construction of Multipurpose Building that can be used for various events Sports and Arts activities.

in STT POMOSDA there are two departments of Industrial Engineering and informatics techniques. STT is the purpose of education student memebina yag ukril skilled and so later in a society that ............? sip dah deh very cheap and low school principal in the STT pomosda, I know the love of money monthly which STT pomosda very cheap boarding .....?

fasilaitas available in STT pomosda pomosda are
================================================== ==================
1. computer lab
2. dormitory (for those who want to boarding)
3. hotspot (pomosda hotspots, free hotspots telecom, SMC, etc)
Fourth. Comfortable classrooms

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SMP POMOSDA, best overall mading 2008

Di-copy dari :

Sejak babak penyisihan, juri Perang Mading adalah yang paling repot. Bukan hanya karena banyaknya kontestan saja, tapi juga disebabkan lokasi peserta yang menyebar. Membutuhkan waktu tempuh yang relatif lama.

Kedua, mayoritas peserta Perang Mading tampil bagus. Membuat juri berdecak. Sejak penyisihan, sulit memilih finalis di antara 60-an sekolah peserta.

Jadinya, demi mengedepankan kreativitas yang ditawarkan peserta, jumlah finalis membengkak. Kalau semula dipatok 40 finalis yang akan dipamerkan dalam Final Party, akhirnya diputuskan menjadi 48 mading.

Dua hari Final Party, 26-27 Juli di Cendrawasih Hall Insumo Palace Hotel, tugas berat kembali menghadang juri. Para juri yang terdiri dari awak wartawan Radar Kediri bahkan harus bekerja ekstra keras. Dua hari memelototi karya peserta.

Dalam Perang Mading kali ini, total ada sembilan trofi yang disediakan. Masing-masing kelompok, SMP dan SMA, berebut gelar menjadi The Best Overall, The Best Content, dan The Best Performance. Masih ada lagi special award yang disiapkan panitia. Yakni untuk Most Honda, Most Favourite tingkat SMP dan SMA, serta penghargaan untuk peserta dengan totalitas tinggi.

Dan, mereka yang bersuka cita karena menjadi jawara di antaranya adalah MAN 3 Kediri, SMP Pomosda, dan SMAN 1 Kediri. Bagi MAN 3 Kediri, ini merupakan gelar kedua untuk kontes yang sama dalam dua tahun ini. Tahun lalu, mereka mendapat gelar sebagai The Best Innovation. Sementara tahun ini meraih The Best Overall.

"Kami sudah bertekad untuk menang, karena itu senang sekali harapan itu jadi kenyataan," tutur Wury, leader kru mading MAN 3 Kediri. Tahun lalu, Wury juga telah ikut kru untuk lomba yang sama. Karenanya, banyak pengalaman yang bisa ditularkan. Apalagi sebelumnya, mereka juga menjadi finalis Deteksi Mading Jawa Pos.

Mading MAN 3 Kediri layak jadi jawara. Mengusung tema "The Movie" yang berbeda mungkin jadi salah satu faktor kemenangan. Dari segi isi atau artikel dan performance, nyaris sempurna. Mading berbentuk gedung bioskop yang bisa dilipat, ditambah dengan pop-corn raksasa serasa klop dengan tema.

"Tema itu sengaja diambil, karena saat ini perfilman Indonesia sedang bangun dari tidur panjangnya," lanjut siswi kelas XII ini. Bersama kesepuluh kru mading yang terdiri dari Ina, Vira, Welly, Zanuar, Helmy, Nadya, Fitri, Toni, Latif serta Wury sendiri, mereka mempersiapkan mading menuju final.

Kemenangan yang mereka raih bukan tanpa rintangan. Berbagai kegiatan sekolah dan ekstrakulikuler membuat kru mading susah berkumpul. Persiapan final dikebut selama tiga hari. "Hari terakhir, semalaman kami nggak tidur," kenangnya sambil tersenyum.

Untungnya, dukungan dari pihak sekolah besar. Sehingga, mereka bisa berhasil dan membawa nama sekolah mereka.

Sama halnya dengan SMP Pomosda Nganjuk, peraih The Best Overall mading SMP. Dukungan dari pihak sekolah juga besar. Sehingga meski baru pertama berlaga, mading yang dikawal 14 awak ini bisa lolos. Bahkan menjadi jawara.

"Pihak sekolah memberi bimbingan bagi mereka, kami sering diskusi berkaitan dengan mading," ujar Lukman Ali, salah satu guru pembimbing mading.

Tema yang diangkat masih berkaitan dengan pemanasan global. Yaitu "Setetes Air untuk Dia". Berbentuk replika batang pohon yang tumbang, seperti dalam hutan. Mereka ingin manusia menyelamatkan sumber mata air yang sangat berguna untuk umat manusia.

Proses pembuatannya sekitar dua bulan. Nyaris tak ada kendala yang berarti dialami para kru mading selama pembuatan sampai bisa memenangi salah satu kategori. "Kami tentu saja senang sekali. Tahun lalu SMA Pomosda yang menjadi juara, tahun ini tampaknya giliran SMP-nya," lanjut pria yang akrab dipanggil Ali ini. Ya, tahun ini SMA Pomosda belum bisa mengulang kesuksesannya.

Lain halnya dengan kru mading SMAN 1 Kediri. Minim dukungan secara moral dan tanpa pengalaman, mereka nekat ikut Perang Mading 2. Namun, bukan anak muda jika gampang menyerah. Berbekal kekompakan dan keterampilan masing-masing, debut mading mereka menuai decak kagum para juri.

Tema unik dan berbeda "Japanesse Syndrom" menjadi pilihan. "Kami berpikir tema global warming sudah umum dipakai, karena itu kami angkat tema tersebut. Salah satunya karena Honda adalah produk Jepang," terang Rony, leader kru mading SMAN 1 Kediri.

Replika Pagoda, air terjun Niagara, rumah adat Jepang, dan genta menghiasi mading mereka. Ditambah lagi berbagai artikel yang berbau Jepang, seperti budaya, teknologi, kemasyarakatannya, bangunan antik, dan komik. "Kami menonjolkan pagoda karena bangunan ini memiliki arsitektur unik dan yang lihat bisa langsung nebak kalau mading kami bertema Jepang," tambah Renald, kru lainnya.

Selain Rony dan Renald, masih ada tujuh kru lainnya. Yaitu Rani, Rizal, Rifky, Kukuh, Pratiwi, Titis, dan Puput. Ditambah lagi, saat pameran para kru mengenakan kostum serba Jepang. Mulai pakaian kimono, dandanan ala Geisha, hingga tokoh-tokoh dalam komik Jepang "One Piece" yang terkenal.

Pantas saja jika mading SMAN 1 Kediri akhirnya dinobatkan sebagai The Best Performance. "Ikut pertama langsung menang, bahkan jadi juara umum. Sebuah kebanggan karena mengharumkan nama sekolah ," tambah Rony.

SMAN 1 Kediri memang menjadi juara umum pada School Contest tahun ini. Mereka berhasil memperoleh trophy terbanyak, yaitu 5 trophy.

Dengan prestasi tersebut, Rony dan teman-temannya berharap tahun depan suppport pihak sekolah bisa lebih besar lagi untuk even serupa.

Yang juga menjadi pemenang Perang Mading 2 tingkat SMA adalah SMAN 1 Pare (The Best Content). Untuk SMP ada SMPN 1 Gampengrejo (The Best Performance) dan MTsN Pucanglaban Tulungagung (The Best Content). Sedangkan untuk kategori Most Honda diraih MA Darul Hikmah Tulungagung, Most Favourite SMP oleh SMPN 1 Prambon Nganjuk, Most Favourite SMA oleh MAN 2 Kediri, dan untuk Totallity Performance diraih oleh SMAN Puncu.

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smp pomosda

Paradigm-oriented educational establishment with the moral and mental ketauhidan based is the essence of human resource development. So the insight, knowledge, technology, skills and even intelligence based owned and oriented to the divine.

POMOSDA (modern cottage At-Taqwa resources) combines education in the administration of the education system in general (according to National Education System Law No. 20) with kepondokan systems already entrenched in Indonesia this. POMOSDA which was founded by Mr. KH.Mohammad Munawwar Afandi, who is in a legal entity Lil Muqorrobien Foundation by deed No. 05 dated 22 October 1995. Start the school year 2007-2008 held a junior high school level education (SMP), which in pondokkan, through an integrated program with didtem unitary school system with cabin and the bottom to the Divine which is viewed as an absolute reference nature.
Destination Schools
POMOSDA as education, Creating a source of education, broadcasting and teaching of Islam for the sake of li I'laah Kalimatilah. POMOSDA prepare the next generation of al-arif billah, generation of a broad and high kepahamannya about Islam, diligent and devoted to public charity based on piety, to become members of learning communities, charity and devoted as a resource baldatun Rabbun ghaffur toyyibatun Wa.

POMOSDA also applies the 4 pillars of education that has been declared by UNESCO. The 4 pillars are: learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together, learning to be. In realizing the 4th pillar, junior POMOSDA develop curricula that empower all students to get closer to the failure by the All-Being. Learning activity is an activity organized to develop the potential of the soul, cultivate and empower, student-centered activities, forming the character and the character of students to learn.

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pomosda visit smansa pare

Pomosda (Modern Cottage Attaqwa Resources), On November 18, 2008 yesterday, visiting SMANSA. The arrival of guests is none other than to conduct comparative studies of ICT in SMAN 1 Pare. At first high school ICT staff Pomosda having communication through YM chat with some admin staff SMANSA, until finally the SMA Pomosda intend to view the direct application of ICT in SMAN 1 Pare.
POMOSDA, in comparative studies carried out by 4 teachers, visited several facilities in SMANSA Pare. Digital Library, and School Application Package Online Radio presented everything from technical to operational.

Even for his own online radio because of bandwidth in SMANSA was slow because of used Registrar E-Learning, didemokan using an intranet server. So, no difficulty in understanding the workings of Online Radio itself. Although only a few hours observing at SMAN 1 Pare, good comparative studies could be useful Pomosda high school. Especially for the two sides to exchange information which will be used to progress the development of education.

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sma pomosda

POMOSDA junior high school is education which is organized in a boarding school by establishing and creating a complete human. Establishing an awareness of VALUE AND MEANING OF LIFE (life skills) on affective ABILITY (INTELLIGENCE SPIRITUAL), ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE, SKILLS AND RELIGIOUS understanding and awareness.

POMOSDA high school is competitive school. With today era which is full with uncertainty, its impact is felt in the education sector. That's way, POMOSDA junior high school student, must understands Human values, rules, manners, morals, culture questionable existence. Current uncertainties, it must be ended. The Birth of uncertainty as a starting point toward the ultimate certainty. Certainty is truly born of the will of God Himself that stretch how education should be reoriented and on the run.

Uncertainty paradigm, values, vision, mission, purpose, direction and goals of education, has an effect on governance rules, manners, morals, and the dry soul, even the formation of a materialistic souls. The orientation of the welfare and happiness in material nan numbers alone, the orientation of a mirage, the fatal mistake in the world of education.


POMOSDA junior high school has an essential value. The orientation of moral values and mental basis, is essential in order to answer the challenges of education. So the insight, knowledge, skills and skills and even multi-intelligence-owned all of which are based to Ilaahian, namely the formation of an earnest man in living. The orientation, the purpose, the intentions is pure purposed to be processed as a servant of God. So when the time to die comes - which certainly can not be avoided - can return to Allah SWT.
POMOSDA answer uncertainty to the certainty of essential. To prepare the cadre of al-Arif Billah. Cadres who recognize the existence of God Essence, which Allah is His Name.

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