diabetes definition

The full name of the diabetes is diabetes mellitus. The term "diabetes mellitus" comes from the Greek which, when translated means "flowing through the pipe with atmospheric pressure" and the Latin language which can be translated as "sweet as honey". this Greek and Latin understanding, describe diabetes precisely. Because the water past the body of diabetic patients as if poured from the mouth through the urinary tract and directly out of the body. Diabetisi urine it was sweet, because it contains sugar. Long time ago, one tests for diabetes is, to pour the patient's urine near an ant nest. If the insects infest the urine, this indicates the existence of sugar.
Every food we eat is converted into energy by the body. In the stomach and intestines, food elaborated into several basic elements, including one type of sugar, namely glucose. If there is sugar, the pancreas produces insulin, which helps drain the sugar into body cells. Then, the sugar can be absorbed well in the body and burned to produce energy.

When a person has diabetes, their pancreas can not produce enough insulin to absorb sugar obtained from food. That which causes blood the hight of sugar levels, due to heaps of sugar from food that can not be absorbed well and burned into energy. Other causes are the defective of insulin or the body can not utilize insulin properly.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, an organ next to the stomach. This hormone attaches itself to receptors on the cell wall. Insulin receptors duty is to open the cell wall, so glucose enters the cell. Then, these cells convert glucose into energy which body needs to do activities. In other words, insulin helps deliver sugar into cells so that transformed into energy. If the amount of insulin is not enough, the sugar will hoard in the blood causing diabetes.

The cause of diabetes depending on the type of diabetes who suffer. There are two common types of diabetes are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The difference is in type 1 diabetes, pancreas can not produce insulin, while type 2 diabetes, pancreas produce not enough insulin.



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