pancreas tummor islet cell

Pancreatic Islet Tumors are rare pancreatic tumors. Emerged from a cell tumors of the pancreas. In normal pancreas, small cells produce hormones that regulate various body functions, such as blood sugar levels and gastric acid production.

Tumors that arise from the pancreatic islet cells can also produce various hormones, although some do not. Although islet cells produce different hormones, most tumors release only certain hormones that lead to specific symptoms. Pancreatic islet cell tumors can be benign or malignant (cancerous).

# Sweating
# Tremor
# Rapid heartbeat
# Anxiety
# Feeling hungry
# Dizziness
# The view blurred
# Seizures
# Loss of consciousness
# The mouth and tongue inflamed.

Pancreas tumor Treatment will depend on the type of tumor was found and whether benign or malignant tumors. Malignant tumors spread to other organs, grow aggressively, and may not be treated. If possible, generally, the tumors removed surgically.

If malignant cancer cells spread (metastasize) to the liver, partial liver may be removed. If the cancer is widespread, various forms of chemotherapy can be used to shrink tumors.

If the abnormal hormone production caused the problem, medication can be given to counter their effects. For example, overproduction of gastrin in a case over skresi gastrinomas result in stomach acid, and drugs that inhibit acid secretion can be taken to alleviate the symptoms.



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