Cervical cancer

For years the cause of cervical cancer is a mystery. Once considered the cause is multifactorial. That is, many factors combine. These factors include sexual intercourse at an early age, multiple sexual partners, and genetic factors.

But scientists later discovered that this deadly cancer caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus infects the cervix and cause cell mutations in the region. Mutated cells that later develop into cancer cells, causing damage, and spread to other organs.

Human papilloma virus are manifold. Until recently known more than 40 types. Of these, only a few types associated with cervical cancer, among other HPV 16, 18, 45, 31. In cases of cervical carcinoma in Indonesia, the cause of most is from HPV type 18.

Was recently developed vaccination to prevent HPV infection. Is the trade name Gardasil ®. The vaccine is given via injection three times over a period of six months. Targeted vaccines are girls aged 11 and 12 years. Moreover, it can also be given to women aged 13 to 26 years.



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