a little speaking

With the blessings and mercy of God Almighty, what we convey in this short treatise, is the answer to how we should address a wide variety of things and the kinds of interests, which, if not right and "no flight" will only make us thrown, crumpled and useless beings.
Just as the Muslim state, was so long ago had "overlook" the authenticity of Islam as the religion of Tawheed.
As the most basic knowledge about aqidah only correct and justified, then the study of science should be thoroughly Tawheed and thorough. Thus the introduction of The Substance Esaan Himself the Absolute realization, soul with the will of God for His servant to the faith of Al-Ghaib, the simplex and isim Ma'rifah. That is about the only substance the Unseen which will never reveal Yourself on earth (will never ngejawantah), but clear. Obviously very close to his presence. Clear, bright, clear and very easy to remember-remember and lived in this sense when the correct heart ask the experts about this. So the role of science and deepening Syaththariyah that most people referred to the congregation Syaththariyah, very crucial. Therefore if properly internalized, and obliged, will be a "life" in his life. Will be pervasive in the sense of a beautiful soul. Shaping character as desired by His Prophet. Forming character and personality which will be always patient and resignation in order to reach the level of taste and dignity. That is a real, born and she thought, in worship to Him, because so ikhlasnya, until at all "does not feel" that he was to sacrifice and serve. Then become servant of all behavior and actions, movements and the movements were born and she thought, was not entirely governed by his lust for. However, simply because "katut siliring Qudratullah". And I so, any work that did, certainly useful for other people (society).

Self Divine The Al-Ghaib, Ana Innani God, a very, very close to the sense of the heart, in fact it was the "single point of convergence" with the "human essence" is always true in the sense of soul mencahaya with dhikr obtained sirrun ma'nawiyun from the right and legal guides. So from here, will be able to appreciate the beauty betap example that illustrates that recognizes the existence of himself with a thorough knowledge of unity and overall, felt like a fish in his life Samodra infinite area.
Fact, that human beings and also all the contents and the universe's own universe, with their Lord Al-Ghaib and Compulsory realization that, like a fish in Samodra. Whose life, bernafasnya, eating, sleeping, berjaganya, movement, power and strength, as well as death, remained in Samodra. No part of any small cell that are not covered by water Samodra.
Therefore, when examined with a clear heart and clear mind, how powerful Allah's will in Projecting Presence of His Self-everything's, One but Comprehensive. In sirrun ma'nawi dhikr in the sense that terhayati heart as a grain of faith that gedenya mrica jinumput cooking, but if held "ngemplok universe".
Therefore once again, how powerful is Allah's will to existence Himself known and recognized by the servant whose name this man. Dibeber complete with a 30 juz KalamNya it so always keep in mind, and lived in the hearts and sense of purpose in life to be approachable so that up to (meet with him again). Therefore, for anyone (from the Islamic religion) which has been obtained correctly Syaththariyah Science from the right and legal guides, and also lived and properly obliged and sincere, then he shall serve a sesadarnya aware that there are placed by God in life and the life of the world and establish a spirit of sport, recognized as a test for him. In order to place this test, can live together in managing hidayahNya world claim to be self-processing, a strong pancatan to achieve goals and ideals go back to meet with Himself again, accompanied with a heart who always remember and want to live intended for can be achieved, namely the Divine Himself al-Ghaib this. That way it will bring fadhal and grace, which can be pulled to remove the hijab (meaning content kalimah nafs: Laailaaha) so that the eye witness explained his presence with Himself that's always defined himself and his form (content of the sentence meaning itsbat: illallah).
Only in places where the world and his form is considered real by jiwaraga eyes and think that how beautiful and delicious if can meet the tastes of many passions and interests sahwatnya, determination and hard work were merely chasing people uceng but kelangan deleg.
Example than Uceng is delicious gifts pursued and hunted down every time by mobilizing all energy, thoughts, cost and effort of all how to afford them. But the deleg, the image of the symbol of the giver, is Himself the Divine The Al-Ghaib and his form is compulsory, did not care.
Yet, how hard the word of Allah (Surah Yunus: 7, 8 and 11) which enabled them to threaten Him with the life of the world and make it not willing to meet with him, defined by him as the denizens of Hell and left his life was always flush with the error. His eyes and become blind by Him. Blind, did not know and did not recognize her even though al-Ghaib, very close. Even though he is closer than the existing veins dilehernya own. He means that much closer, although turnover compared with the breath in his chest.
So word is that memutusi. That anyone whose life is now (the world), blind (his eyes are not aware of the existence of the Self Lord once and Compulsory his form), then later in akherat also be more blind and more misguided path. That is when the dead did not come home keasalnya. No survivors met with Divine Himself. It will not be able to feel how beautiful and delicious real death is a "gateway" go back to God.

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Microsoft's oddity

Oddity # 1: 

An Indian discovered that nobody can create a FOLDER on the computer with any Microsoft program folder titled "CON". This is the real thing and the whole crew Microsoft itself can not answer why this could happen. Try to create a folder named CON or con anywhere.

Oddity # 1: 
An Indian discovered that nobody can create a FOLDER on the computer with any Microsoft program folder titled "CON". This is the real thing and the whole crew Microsoft itself can not answer why this could happen. Try to create a folder named CON or con anywhere.
Oddity # 2:
For Windows users buddy, do the following:
- Open an empty notepad file
- Type "Bush hid the facts" (without the quotes yes)
- Save wherever you like (with any file name)
- Close
- Open the file. What happened, strange is not it?

Oddity # 3:

Try these interesting things, really strange! Even Bill Gates himself did not find the answer why this happened! This was discovered by a Brazilian. Try!
1. Open Microsoft Word and type: 
= rand (200, 99)
2. Then you ENTER What did you find?

copied Without the permission from http://desainblogup.blogspot.com

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Way for students (in part)


And in order to pass to reach it, must meet several basic as follows:

Basic First Taubat.

That is the servant of God who is always accused to himself that he was the person who own most of his sins, his own most of and lack of, apes, despised, contemptible, could not anything and not have anything, feel bad myself, although compared the puppy under the bridge. I realized as mentioned by the word of God: "Well ayyuhannaasu antumul-fuqaraa". Faqir servant. Because it felt his heart was always hoping to be always close to the Not Have Apes, Langgeng, perfect and omnipotent.

So the basic sense of the heart as it does not mean repentance leading to low self-esteem. But tawadhu 'ie andap asor. While maintaining Wira'i Akhlaqul-Karimah.

This was a servant for the benefit of science, has begun to turn the character.

Human nature that when a correction even contempt, usually frustrated, angry and do not accept, he is grateful. Accepted as a warning from the Lord came to introspection and self-correction. Grateful and aware of his carelessness still many. Fault and gemampangnya.

Then human nature that when praised. and happy and proud. Instead of being accepted by fear ngembari if to dare his Lord. For all worship and praise be to the Divine Himself.

When this is so, then the keguyub-rukunan will be formed by itself because the other one with a mutual love of love. Love love each other. Kokohnya formed sense of oneness and unity as the words of the Prophet Muhammad which provides isarah: "Verily among the servants of God are human and not a prophet nor martyr, on their side God kiyamat greater than the Prophets and the Martyrs". The friend then asked: "O Prophet preach to us who they are?".

Apostle replied: "They are the people who love each other with love Rauhillah among them, while among them there are no ropes of kinship and there was no relationship of money and property. By God they are really light and really above the light. They all do not be afraid when most people feel afraid and they all are not depressed and anxious when most people worried and anxious ".

Both Basic Zuhud.

Ie "Tapa tengahing sak ing service".

Of service, the environment, society, nation and country has a big concern to advance. Land into play and added in processing self pitukon to draw near to God. But a sense of his "tapa". That is remembered and lived is God Himself who is loved for dikumantili. Therefore, when God enabled him to advance the society, nation and country with the realization that building useful and helpful, so that is not grateful for what he's building ujudnya participate in it. But who is thankful for his God Self that has made him "want to" build. That would avoid the disasters good deeds, ie arrogant, ria, sum'ah and ujub.

Third Basic Qanaah.

In the Javanese language "Narima ing pandum".

But the real purpose qanaah not just so. Ie someone who is as strong determination in proving his intention to draw near to God so that there safely meet with him, so he will be really trying to reduce, eliminate gratitude within her character and the will of the animal.

Greedy animals that his character, the triumph of his own, the group concerned, no reason, besides just pursuing her goals and the joy of eating delicious sahwat alone. Was something like that is the biggest obstacle for the approach to God. Because it must be noted that a person with the permission of Allah the right to acquire knowledge and authorization of the teacher (Wasithah), has promised to do no great sin that the Javanese called it a malima.

Fourth Basic resignation 'ala Allah.

Ie "kumandel maring God". Strong sense of heart felt how close he Dhat al-Ghaib the Necessary Being Him because it is very easy and delicious remembered and lived out, then all the movements and actions he thought were born is always "nggandul" to Himself. Pain in the liver and resigned sumeleh (nggletak) to Him. Someone who resignation 'ala Allah will make him not to lift the load when the measured force himself not able to lift it. With so his heart will always be able to stay istiqomah.

Fifth Basic Uzlah.

Ie "Nyingkrih ana sak ing among middle-tengahing". Alone in the middle circle. Among individual he will try hard to get ahead and prepare professionals in the human resources that can be utilized as much as possible to advance society, nation and country, but his resolve alone. Not as many people on this earth. His commitment was not going to have fun. To show off and jor-fishing rod. Proud-proud of wealth, status and honor and dignity of self-esteem. Moreover, to indulgence in the passions and sahwat. Outs for his determination to meet the play and to accelerate the rate pitukon journey of conscience, spirit and it was closer to the Lord to come safe and happy to meet with him.


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little about fasting


Then carry out obligations shiam in the month of Ramadan, is the real picture of the process so that life becomes precious his side. Namely muttaqin. Being a servant who bersunguh it in worship correctly and sincerely. Ikhlas is clean. Clean from birth and shirk shirk mind. Occurs because all the charities worship diaku nothing. Because he admitted had been lost (sunk) into the All-I. ka Annaka taraahu. worship, As if you see Him. That is the worship of hatinurani and spirits and it was maintained to be coupled with the recall and appreciate the Divine Self The Al-Ghaib and close.

It is called also the holy month. Months of intense spiritual renewal that nature itself is the origin place of Substance Himself the Holy One, come back to Him. Return to the original nature of the All-Fitrah.

Hold daytime thirst, hunger, abstinence sahwat, refrained sinner and all sorts of things that broke (as taubatnya bodies), in the evening prayer reproduce (including qiyamul-Lail), reading Qur'an, charitable industrious, willing to spend property deposit of God for the right to receive, tithe, alms given, there is also lailatul-qadar night, the night God glorifies His servants to be her lover, so that the servant who loved Him will make sense of his heart can feel how wonderful and how nice it felt Himself Substances Which Al - This unseen, though he remains as befits human beings.


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letter on 15 September 2006

Our predecessors Bpk. Kyai Imam Murshid Muttaqin PSM and 14 ustadz Takeran including victims of barbarity Magetan 1948 PKI. Exclusively Bpk. Kyai Imam Murshid Muttaqin, PSM Chief was disappeared with his body.

My father (Kyai Moh. Hassanain) was taken private, including PKI. Dragged by truck from Bagor to Wilangan. Just because the protection of God, remains intact. Is the only prisoner who dared to resist and rebel, mad alone like "Jet Li" kill all the guards and then search for the truth of the news of the arrival of troops to liberate Siliwangi fellow prisoners left behind.

There Zionist scenario. Communists and capitalists are powerful tools to conquer the world Zionist in order to establish the kingdom of Dawut Kingdom believed to be their legacy. Whatever be taken.

Studying the political map, doing PKI brontaknya kok in Madiun, Magetan, Gorang Gareng.

Zionists have a map that in East Java is the spiritual center of Islam that must be destroyed. In a book, Japanese in Indonesia as an older brother to form the Greater East Asia as a backdrop that Indonesia will emerge from the world leaders. It must be sought and eliminated. Because God protected, failed.

Indonesia's including their targets for the randomized, threshed, be divided into weak made. Besides facing disaster after another .... awareness should motivate us all to unite with all melupai mengadaNya never depend upon his Maker and surrender, because it is very, very close, so approachable to. Thus guarantees rescued and won even lafatahna 'wal alaihim ardhi barakatin minassamaa'i become reality.

Allahu Akbar. Yadullahi fauqa aidiihim .................

Tebuireng 15 September 2006

Muhammad Munawwar Afandi

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Bahasa Matematika

Language of Mathematics, away from numbers and symbols. 0-9, +, -, <,>, +, *,:, =, x, y, and others. Between one symbol with another symbol closely related to each other. 5 +8 = 3 +10 = 30-17 <12-3. all the mathematical symbols are interconnected with each other. Mathematics was started before humans discovered the language, writing, and technology. Some well-known name is Algebra and algorithms. Arithmetic is the science of the most frequently used human. Geometry, Trigoometri, calculus, statistics and many branches of science maematika lainnya.serang mathematicians usually have a few guidelines. as Lemma, hypothesis, theorem, conjecture, and the like.

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Dark Sucker

"The Expanded Proof of the Existence of Dark Suckers" Popular Science ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For years it has been believed that electric bulbs emitted light. However, recent information from Bell Labs and contemplations by keen minds have proven otherwise. The new idea is that electric bulbs don't emit light, they suck dark. Thus they now call these bulbs dark suckers. The dark sucker theory, according to a leading dark sucker theorist Will Kerslake, proves the existence of dark, that dark has nearly infinite mass, and that the speed of dark is just slightly slower than the speed of what is considered "light". In a recent interview Mr. Kerslake (a.k.a. BlankRegg) gave us this view. "The basis of the dark sucker theory is that electric bulbs suck dark. Take for example, the dark suckers in the room where we are. There is less dark right next to them than there is elsewhere. The larger the dark sucker, the greater its capacity to suck dark. Dark suckers in a parking lot have a much greater capacity than the ones in this room. As with all things, dark suckers don't last forever. Once they are full of dark, they can no longer suck. This is proven by the black spot occassionally found on a full dark sucker. A candle is a primitive dark sucker. A new candle has a white wick. You will notice that after the first use, the wick turns black, representing all the dark which has been sucked into it. If you hold a pencil next to the wick of an operating candle, the tip will turn black because it got in the path of the dark flowing into the candle. Unfortunately, these primitive dark suckers have a very limited range. There are also portable dark suckers. The bulbs in these can't handle all of the dark by themselves, and must be aided by a dark storage unit. When the dark storage unit is full, it must be either emptied or replaced before the portable dark sucker can operate again. The typical form of storage is electricity. The full interaction between electricity and dark has not fully been explored so I won't bore you with it hear." "Dark has mass. When dark goes into a dark sucker, friction from this mass generates heat. Thus it is not wise to touch an operating dark sucker. Candles present a special problem, as the dark must travel into the solid wick instead of through glass. This generates a great amount of heat. Thus it can be very dangerous to touch an operating candle. Huge dark suckers, such as the star which our planet rotates around, create an enormous amount of heat as the dark is sucked into the stars core. Unfortunately, stars just like all other dark suckers do not last indefinately. When a star has sucked all the dark it can many different things happen. Many times the star slowly sucks less and less dark until finally only the core of dark (developed from many eons of sucking) is all that is left. Sometimes stars "supernova", in this huge explosion a star that is near reaching its dark sucking potential will suddenly suck a huge amount of dark from the surrounding area. The amount of dark sucked in a supernova is incredable. The star's sucking force on the dark is so great that the dark will go straight through planets and other objects dissentigrating them from the heat created by friction. This massive amount of dark is more than the star can handle and the weight will cause the star to implode and become a 'black hole' (dark emmiter)." To help explain many of the more complex concepts of the dark sucker theory BlankRegg has set out a list of many everday occurances that can be explained through the use of the dark sucker theory: Sun spots: Our sun is a great place to begin to explain the dark sucker theory. The sun is a star just like many others throughout the universe. Have you ever seen the Sun spots on the sun? This is where the sun sucked up so much dark in one spot that some of the dark got stuck on the surface. These spots will eventually dissapear as the dark is sucked from the surface to the core of the sun. Shadows: Shadows are made because of dark's mass. Dark cannot be easily sucked through an object such as a car, tree, person, so the area "shaded" by the object will appear darker because less dark has been removed. When a second dark sucker is introduced at a different angle the dark is quickly sucked away from the shadow because there is no longer an object in the way. Sunglasses: Sunglasses work on the same basic principle as shadows. Sunglasses don't block out light, the just decrease the amount of dark that can be sucked from in front of your eyes. This is why if you look, from the side, at a person with sunglasses on the skin behind the glasses appears darker. Sun Tans: If you remember that dark has nearly infinite mass then it must be assumed that everything must be made at least partially of dark. The reason that your skin turns darker is because the sun is sucking dark through you skin. Some of this dark gets trapped on the surface of your skin making you darker. The friction caused by the dark flowing through your body can cause your skin to heat, and sometimes burn. Hence the longer you're in the sun the more dark that gets stuck in your skin. A problem arises when too much dark is sucked through your skin, damage occurs to the cells. This is damage causes mutation and can eventually lead to skin cancer.

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counter map

counter globe

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