little about fasting


Then carry out obligations shiam in the month of Ramadan, is the real picture of the process so that life becomes precious his side. Namely muttaqin. Being a servant who bersunguh it in worship correctly and sincerely. Ikhlas is clean. Clean from birth and shirk shirk mind. Occurs because all the charities worship diaku nothing. Because he admitted had been lost (sunk) into the All-I. ka Annaka taraahu. worship, As if you see Him. That is the worship of hatinurani and spirits and it was maintained to be coupled with the recall and appreciate the Divine Self The Al-Ghaib and close.

It is called also the holy month. Months of intense spiritual renewal that nature itself is the origin place of Substance Himself the Holy One, come back to Him. Return to the original nature of the All-Fitrah.

Hold daytime thirst, hunger, abstinence sahwat, refrained sinner and all sorts of things that broke (as taubatnya bodies), in the evening prayer reproduce (including qiyamul-Lail), reading Qur'an, charitable industrious, willing to spend property deposit of God for the right to receive, tithe, alms given, there is also lailatul-qadar night, the night God glorifies His servants to be her lover, so that the servant who loved Him will make sense of his heart can feel how wonderful and how nice it felt Himself Substances Which Al - This unseen, though he remains as befits human beings.




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