A kind of new diabetes drug that has yielded billions of dollars in sales, now faces a situation of uncertain future after the resulting six cases of pancreatic inflammation and irritation of the user experience, where the drug was given the name of Byetta, Amylin Pharmaceuticals and is made by Eli Lilly.

Called GLP-1 drugs such as Byetta, and similar products manufactured are also produced by several companies such as Novo Nordisk and Roche, it looks like and promises a new way to fight the problem of diabetes, linked to weight problems (obesity).

Byetta was introduced in 2005 to treat type 2 diabetes and have been sold throughout the world who generate sales value amounted to 195 million dollars in the second quarter, increasing 25% a year later.

The last case caused two people died wearer. News about the effects of these drugs has caused Amylin shares fall 13% market share in New York. In Europe, Novo Nordisk, based in the Danish stock price was down 4.66%. Liraglutide is a new drug for the company's expectations Novo, with analysis of the estimated 1 billion sales per year - six billion dollars. Shares in Ipsen, a French producer of drugs that produce similar drugs called taspoglutide with Roche, the stock price fell by 2.63.

Byetta, liraglutide and taspoglutide made for to stimulate release of insulin only when blood sugar levels are very high. Is everything going to cause side effects such as Byetta is still not clear.

Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, chief science officer of a Novo said that even has discovered several cases of pancreatitis in patients taking liraglutide, but there was no statistically significant data showing a higher frequency in patients taking liraglutide. Byetta were injected two times a day, while liraglutide taken once daily.



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