pomosda and jurnalist school trip 2009

Hearing Makodim name, many people would think as a grim place. Synonymous with weapons and war. Therefore, people often think twice if they want to go into this military region. If no urgent business, the community most likely choose dissuade the military into the area.

But, if entered into Makodim 0809 Kediri, such consideration could be thrown away. This Military headquarters that located at Jalan Ahmad Yani Kediri, is far from sinister impression. Conversely, the headquarters which covering four hectares area, looks beautiful and comfortable. Although hundreds of military looks and guard heading in and out, not felt awesomeness as previously imagined.

This condition occurs because makodim is very beautiful. There are hundreds of different flowers in each corner of the complex. Starting from Palm Bottle until Wave of Love. Plants are arranged neatly in the park. In fact, every inch of ground in this place there are no empty spaces. Everything is used for crops.

If during the day, the military environment is far from hot air. Number of large trees there to make people could comfortably take shelter. While the flowers are short, will make a fresh eye.

Although overgrown with thousands of plants but the cleanliness is maintained. Hardly any leaves or twigs that had fallen. Every morning and afternoon, members of the Armed Forces based in this place is always clean.

'Reign' of ornamental plants and flowers not only in the yard or inch of existing vacant land. But also 'looting' till indoors. Included in the Non Commander Kodim (Dandim) Totok Arm Lieutenant Colonel Imam Santoso. Do not be surprised if the entrance to the room atmosphere that is reflected Totok is beauty.

"These flowers we get by buying in Kediri," said Totok.

Interestingly, despite a wide range of existing plants, all harvested from Kediri. Nothing is purchased from outside the city. Places like Ngadiluwih florists in Kediri regency became one of the Kodim 0809 earn interest.

Plants that are purchased are also not expensive. When purchased, the plants are still small. The price is only tens of thousands of rupiah. "Palm is only USD 70 thousand (without pots, Red)," explained Totok.

Interestingly, in addition to the flowers in the nursery, there was makodim Duren. Durian trees are still small number in the hundreds lined up on the north side of the room Totok.

Nursing flowers and plants delivered to all members of the District Military Command 0809. Begin fertilizing watering until the members themselves are handled.

Only, technically different watering. Adjusted for sex. Plants that do not require much water is only watered every other day. While that may one day need water twice. Morning and afternoon.

Care costs were not expensive. Although reluctant to mention, but Totok said maintenance costs are still able to be borne by the district military command. "Most just buy fertilizer," he said.

However, often reaching into koceknya Totok own to meet the needs Makodim flowers and plants in 0809. He hoped the flowers can flourish and multiply.

In addition to developing interest in the land, Kodim 0809 also uses hundreds of pots of various sizes. Pots containing flowers dijajar neat. Make it unsightly eye.

Besides the cultivation of various flowers, Totok also interested in dragon fruit plants. Therefore, it is also planted in the park Makodim dragon fruit. "I want to know if the dragon fruit will be fruitful or not," he said, pointing to the direction of the Dragon fruit trees.

With so many flowers and neatly trimmed gardens in Makodim it, TNI headquarters Totok hope it becomes beautiful and comfortable. So that residents and visitors who were there could be comfortable and breathe fresh air. Air pollution can be reduced.

Beautiful and comfortable conditions that made 0809 Makodim frequented by various circles. Ranging from kindergarten students / elementary to high schools often hold events there. Activities undertaken as outbound.

Including 27 participants communal Journalist Radar Kediri School Trip (SJT), the incoming Class Two also took time to visit there January 20, 2009. Twenty-seven participants were also able to feel the fresh garden Makodim. "Makodim 0809 turned out to be clean and beautiful," said Ahmad Zainul Abidin, Pomosda VIII class student who became one of the participants SJT.



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