how to increase your visitor?

Nowadays, to get 1000 visitors in the period, was not a dream anymore, especially for the blogger who are focusing to increase web traffic (Web traffic). I'll share the tips that you will get visitor no matter how many visitor you would like to visit your site. So here's how:

1. Download the Alexa Toolbar Get Sparky

2. Open this link:, Then input the address of your blog or website. In this script there are many proxy server list options (Unique Proxy Servers List), Well, use whichever you like.

3. Use this script for 1 - 2 hours a day and see the results in its first week.

4. It would be better if in your website or blog already installed with alexa widget.

Hopefully, this technique is useful to help colleagues. Good luck? ! !

Well this is it from me now, we'll continue another time. Hopefully this article can be useful and beneficial to you all, my friends. Do not forget to make a comment to this article, in order to get feedback from authors and readers.
Above are cheat way to increase your alexa rank. It's not give you a real visitor. But give you anonymous visitor, anonymous user that visit your blog. this anonymous user is coming from the proxy list that you choose.
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