pomosda and school journalist 2009

Things continue to find new and exciting school journalists who became members of communism Radar Kediri Journalist School Trip (SJT) 2009. Yesterday for example, they are not only a chance to interview the cellular business, but also had time to practice as a customer service officer (CSO) at the XL Center on Jalan Kediri Joyoboyo.

This STJ Participants is not only a practicing CSO course. By the XL, for the willing to do that given the benefits package attractive. So, do not be surprised if school journalists from different regions in the territory of ex-Kediri residency were all fighting this act. Among the conduct that is Dahlia Nurlaila, eleventh grader Pomosda Nganjuk SMA. "Last try to be customer service, not too understand but he did bother to serve our customers easier," said the veiled female students of this.

Meanwhile, the arrival of school journalists directly connected to the XL Center branch manager Oki Kurniawan Kediri. With the assistance of several staff, Oki presenting materials about mobile in general, and specifically about the XL. After that, participants are welcome SJT around the office. Conduct several interviews with the staff and employees.

For the participants, the trip yesterday to make them understand the workings and subtleties of cellular operators. "It's fun, so know about the work of marketing, tips facing competition from mobile operators," explained Mega Dwi Cahyaningsih, female students of class XI Science V SMA 2 Pare. Mega is also a vice pimred school magazine was also admitted to getting a lot of science in a day.

Meanwhile, Zulhilmi, class XI student of SMAN 1 Ngronggot Nganjuk, other participants, admitted happy to meet with many friends at the event this time. Interviewing experience became a new experience for him. "Fun is also a journalist, could be interviews with various parties," he said, smiling.



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