POMOSDA,, their travel in magazine wall contest 2008

Spectacular ideas continue to emerge from participants Honda mading War 2. Mading they show the jury made the team who did a road to school shaking his head. Like the previous day, yesterday's ideas still dominate the global warming. However, there is also the theme of education and future technologies.

The theme of the environment carried by the Papar district of East High School, SMAN Kertosono Nganjuk, SMA Muhammadiyah Kertosono, and junior Pomosda Nganjuk. While mading represented by the high school education-themed Pomosda Nganjuk, MTs Ulul Albab Nganjuk, and MTsN Cape Farmers Nganjuk. One school, junior high school 1 Prambon, futurustik with the background theme of astronomy.

In high school Pomosda, there is a giant replica of the four books that are stacked like a house. "If the role of education pursued in all aspects of life, ranging from the morality of the nation till the present environmental degradation," explained Yocta, mading Pomosda crew.

It is also appointed by the junior Ulul Albab and MTsN Cape Tani. Mading both were two-dimensional shape with simple appearance. This is their first appearance in the race mading school. Ahya Nevertheless, students of class VIII MTsN Cape Farmer admitted to not be afraid to compete with other participants.

Presented the students a unique appearance SMPN1 mading Prambon with futuristic themed. Mading unique because in addition they also display dozens of Honda motorcycles from year to year around mading, plus his umbrella girl. Meanwhile, mading triangle with the ornament on top of the solar system visible light with metallic colors. "This is a manifestation of our desire to continue to move towards a better future," said Dewi, seventh-grader who also became a journalist school.

Familiar themes: environment and global warming brought SMA 1 and SMA Muhammadiyah Kertosono Kertosono. SMAN 1 Kertosono showing the castle of the former mineral water bottles. His article was about the waste and the environment. While SMA Muhammadiyah comes with its green shaped home city. "We hope to pass the final even though the first time to come," said Endra, eleventh grade students who presented madingnya yesterday.

The theme of junior high school of Pomosda is water. With descriptions of three bare tree trunks. Complete with bird nests and dry twigs.

Meanwhile, SMAN 1 Papar combine education and the environment. Ornament-shaped desk with a globe covered with cigarette butts. "This is a symbol that cigarette smoke contributed to the increased heat of the earth," reasons Linda siswai class XI. They also made observations related to the pollution of water in rivers.

While giving thumbs-up, the jury also gave critiques and input. "Primarily mading is the writing, while the display serves to attract readers to come and read the writing in mading," he said Jauhar Yohanis, the jury Honda mading War 2.

Today, teams of judges will tour visiting eight schools in the town of Kediri. Namely, Junior High School, Junior Ar Risala, SMA Ar Risala, SMA 4 Kediri, Daha Pawiyatan SMA, SMK TI Pelita Nusantara, SMK Al-Huda.



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