detect carvical cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the scourge for women. Unfortunately there are still many women who are not aware of this disease can be present because of the wrong lifestyle.

Some causes of this deadly cancer, such as :

  1. marriage at young age
  2. frequent pregnancies
  3. smoking
  4. long-term use of oral contraceptives
  5. sexually transmitted infections.

Those who were infected rarely show symptoms in its early stages, and usually develop into cervical cancer a few years later.

Uterine cervical cancer in the female reproductive organs, attack the burrow entrance to the uterus or vaginal intercourse (vaginal). Health experts said that after infection of human papilloma virus (HPV) is not always the patient's body develops immunity, it is not protected from subsequent infection. Berstadium known cervical cancer can cause further harm to surrounding organs and can cause death.

In addition non-sexual transmission can occur through sharing of contaminated clothing in the long term. Most HPV infections lasted eight months and then disappear by itself.

But after two years, found about 10 percent of women still carry an active virus in the vagina and their cervix. It says health experts, cervical cancer usually attacks women have been outstanding, but the statistical evidence of another talk. This cancer attacks more women between the ages of 20 to 30 years. Cervical cancer occurs characterized by the growth of cells in the cervix are not uncommon.

But before these cells become cancer cells, there was some changes. Changes in these cells, normally takes many years before the cells had been transformed into cancer cells.
Cervical cancer has symptoms that should be watched ie :

  1. vaginal bleeding
  2. leucorrhoea
  3. pelvic pains
  4. can not urinate.

These abnormal cells can actually be detected its presence with a test called "Pap Smear Test", so that abnormal cells were detected as early as possible.

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nice info..married woman should hv pap smear test..


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