soft drink, bad for your pancreas

A recent study about the effects of carbonated soft drinks or soft drinks reveals gruesome facts. According to a study published in 'Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention' people who drink soft drinks at least twice a week at risk of suffering from pancreatic cancer two-fold.

The researchers collected data on consumption of soft drinks, juices, diet and nutrition, as well as data about lifestyle and environmental factors of 60.524 Singaporean people. Unsparing study followed up until 14 years. The study was conducted on residents living in housing owned by the government - such as that served nine of 10 Singaporeans. Research attention to diet, physical activity, reproductive history, occupation, and medical history.

Research shows 87 percent of the highest risk of pancreatic cancer were those who drank two or more soft drinks per week. Meanwhile, there's no linkage factor natara juice consumption with pancreatic cancer.

Why? "High sugar levels in soft drinks will increase insulin levels in the body. That is what encourages the growth of pancreatic cancer cells," said lead researcher Mark Pereira of the University of Minnesota, such as pages loaded, Tuesday, February 9, 2010. Insulin, he added, helps the body metabolizes sugar. Insulin is produced in the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly types of cancer. According to the American Cancer Sosiety, only five percent of people convicted of pancreatic cancer, which can survive for five years. Pereira said the doctor, although research conducted in Asia, the results are relevant also for Westerners. "Singapore is a developed country with good healthcare. The population fond of eating and shopping, the same as in Western countries," he added.



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