diabetes and pancreas cancer

Diabetic which suffered by Americans with middle-aged or older than the newly diagnosed , it also has a high risk of pancreatic cancer. This was revealed in the results of a study conducted at the Mayo Clinic Cancer in the United States, published Tuesday (2 / 8).

Diabetes, During the three years since being diagnosed with patients had a risk eight times higher pancreatic cancer compared with those without diabetes, according to the study. Diabetes itself may be as early symptoms of pancreas cancer, the researchers said. "Pancreatic cancer is difficult to detect until entering an advanced stage, so that life expectancy for patients is very small," said Dr Suresh Chari, who led the study.

"This study is important, because it can lead us to identify indicators that enable early detection and treatment," he said. Pancreatic cancer has killed all the 32 000 people diagnosed with the disease in the United States, so putting this as a killer disease for case number four cancer.

In the journal Gastroenterology, Chari with colleagues say they have conducted a study of 2122 patients from Rochester, Minnesota, aged 50 and more than 50 years who were diagnosed with diabetes between 1950 and 1995. Pancreatic cancer is uncommon and difficult to detect, in which 18 of the patients who performed the study of new cancer diagnosed within three years.

Chari leadership team is then comparing that figure with the number of people with age and same sex who are not diabetic. From there to know that with diabetes have a risk eight times higher pancreatic cancer compared to those without diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes, namely type-2 diabetes can be diagnosed when the body no longer respond properly to insulin, while type-1 diabetes can be caused by damage to cells in the pancreas.



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