sma pomosda

POMOSDA junior high school is education which is organized in a boarding school by establishing and creating a complete human. Establishing an awareness of VALUE AND MEANING OF LIFE (life skills) on affective ABILITY (INTELLIGENCE SPIRITUAL), ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE, SKILLS AND RELIGIOUS understanding and awareness.

POMOSDA high school is competitive school. With today era which is full with uncertainty, its impact is felt in the education sector. That's way, POMOSDA junior high school student, must understands Human values, rules, manners, morals, culture questionable existence. Current uncertainties, it must be ended. The Birth of uncertainty as a starting point toward the ultimate certainty. Certainty is truly born of the will of God Himself that stretch how education should be reoriented and on the run.

Uncertainty paradigm, values, vision, mission, purpose, direction and goals of education, has an effect on governance rules, manners, morals, and the dry soul, even the formation of a materialistic souls. The orientation of the welfare and happiness in material nan numbers alone, the orientation of a mirage, the fatal mistake in the world of education.


POMOSDA junior high school has an essential value. The orientation of moral values and mental basis, is essential in order to answer the challenges of education. So the insight, knowledge, skills and skills and even multi-intelligence-owned all of which are based to Ilaahian, namely the formation of an earnest man in living. The orientation, the purpose, the intentions is pure purposed to be processed as a servant of God. So when the time to die comes - which certainly can not be avoided - can return to Allah SWT.
POMOSDA answer uncertainty to the certainty of essential. To prepare the cadre of al-Arif Billah. Cadres who recognize the existence of God Essence, which Allah is His Name.



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