pomosda visit smansa pare

Pomosda (Modern Cottage Attaqwa Resources), On November 18, 2008 yesterday, visiting SMANSA. The arrival of guests is none other than to conduct comparative studies of ICT in SMAN 1 Pare. At first high school ICT staff Pomosda having communication through YM chat with some admin staff SMANSA, until finally the SMA Pomosda intend to view the direct application of ICT in SMAN 1 Pare.
POMOSDA, in comparative studies carried out by 4 teachers, visited several facilities in SMANSA Pare. Digital Library, and School Application Package Online Radio presented everything from technical to operational.

Even for his own online radio because of bandwidth in SMANSA was slow because of used Registrar E-Learning, didemokan using an intranet server. So, no difficulty in understanding the workings of Online Radio itself. Although only a few hours observing at SMAN 1 Pare, good comparative studies could be useful Pomosda high school. Especially for the two sides to exchange information which will be used to progress the development of education.



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