letter on 15 September 2006

Our predecessors Bpk. Kyai Imam Murshid Muttaqin PSM and 14 ustadz Takeran including victims of barbarity Magetan 1948 PKI. Exclusively Bpk. Kyai Imam Murshid Muttaqin, PSM Chief was disappeared with his body.

My father (Kyai Moh. Hassanain) was taken private, including PKI. Dragged by truck from Bagor to Wilangan. Just because the protection of God, remains intact. Is the only prisoner who dared to resist and rebel, mad alone like "Jet Li" kill all the guards and then search for the truth of the news of the arrival of troops to liberate Siliwangi fellow prisoners left behind.

There Zionist scenario. Communists and capitalists are powerful tools to conquer the world Zionist in order to establish the kingdom of Dawut Kingdom believed to be their legacy. Whatever be taken.

Studying the political map, doing PKI brontaknya kok in Madiun, Magetan, Gorang Gareng.

Zionists have a map that in East Java is the spiritual center of Islam that must be destroyed. In a book, Japanese in Indonesia as an older brother to form the Greater East Asia as a backdrop that Indonesia will emerge from the world leaders. It must be sought and eliminated. Because God protected, failed.

Indonesia's including their targets for the randomized, threshed, be divided into weak made. Besides facing disaster after another .... awareness should motivate us all to unite with all melupai mengadaNya never depend upon his Maker and surrender, because it is very, very close, so approachable to. Thus guarantees rescued and won even lafatahna 'wal alaihim ardhi barakatin minassamaa'i become reality.

Allahu Akbar. Yadullahi fauqa aidiihim .................

Tebuireng 15 September 2006

Muhammad Munawwar Afandi



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