Way for students (in part)


And in order to pass to reach it, must meet several basic as follows:

Basic First Taubat.

That is the servant of God who is always accused to himself that he was the person who own most of his sins, his own most of and lack of, apes, despised, contemptible, could not anything and not have anything, feel bad myself, although compared the puppy under the bridge. I realized as mentioned by the word of God: "Well ayyuhannaasu antumul-fuqaraa". Faqir servant. Because it felt his heart was always hoping to be always close to the Not Have Apes, Langgeng, perfect and omnipotent.

So the basic sense of the heart as it does not mean repentance leading to low self-esteem. But tawadhu 'ie andap asor. While maintaining Wira'i Akhlaqul-Karimah.

This was a servant for the benefit of science, has begun to turn the character.

Human nature that when a correction even contempt, usually frustrated, angry and do not accept, he is grateful. Accepted as a warning from the Lord came to introspection and self-correction. Grateful and aware of his carelessness still many. Fault and gemampangnya.

Then human nature that when praised. and happy and proud. Instead of being accepted by fear ngembari if to dare his Lord. For all worship and praise be to the Divine Himself.

When this is so, then the keguyub-rukunan will be formed by itself because the other one with a mutual love of love. Love love each other. Kokohnya formed sense of oneness and unity as the words of the Prophet Muhammad which provides isarah: "Verily among the servants of God are human and not a prophet nor martyr, on their side God kiyamat greater than the Prophets and the Martyrs". The friend then asked: "O Prophet preach to us who they are?".

Apostle replied: "They are the people who love each other with love Rauhillah among them, while among them there are no ropes of kinship and there was no relationship of money and property. By God they are really light and really above the light. They all do not be afraid when most people feel afraid and they all are not depressed and anxious when most people worried and anxious ".

Both Basic Zuhud.

Ie "Tapa tengahing sak ing service".

Of service, the environment, society, nation and country has a big concern to advance. Land into play and added in processing self pitukon to draw near to God. But a sense of his "tapa". That is remembered and lived is God Himself who is loved for dikumantili. Therefore, when God enabled him to advance the society, nation and country with the realization that building useful and helpful, so that is not grateful for what he's building ujudnya participate in it. But who is thankful for his God Self that has made him "want to" build. That would avoid the disasters good deeds, ie arrogant, ria, sum'ah and ujub.

Third Basic Qanaah.

In the Javanese language "Narima ing pandum".

But the real purpose qanaah not just so. Ie someone who is as strong determination in proving his intention to draw near to God so that there safely meet with him, so he will be really trying to reduce, eliminate gratitude within her character and the will of the animal.

Greedy animals that his character, the triumph of his own, the group concerned, no reason, besides just pursuing her goals and the joy of eating delicious sahwat alone. Was something like that is the biggest obstacle for the approach to God. Because it must be noted that a person with the permission of Allah the right to acquire knowledge and authorization of the teacher (Wasithah), has promised to do no great sin that the Javanese called it a malima.

Fourth Basic resignation 'ala Allah.

Ie "kumandel maring God". Strong sense of heart felt how close he Dhat al-Ghaib the Necessary Being Him because it is very easy and delicious remembered and lived out, then all the movements and actions he thought were born is always "nggandul" to Himself. Pain in the liver and resigned sumeleh (nggletak) to Him. Someone who resignation 'ala Allah will make him not to lift the load when the measured force himself not able to lift it. With so his heart will always be able to stay istiqomah.

Fifth Basic Uzlah.

Ie "Nyingkrih ana sak ing among middle-tengahing". Alone in the middle circle. Among individual he will try hard to get ahead and prepare professionals in the human resources that can be utilized as much as possible to advance society, nation and country, but his resolve alone. Not as many people on this earth. His commitment was not going to have fun. To show off and jor-fishing rod. Proud-proud of wealth, status and honor and dignity of self-esteem. Moreover, to indulgence in the passions and sahwat. Outs for his determination to meet the play and to accelerate the rate pitukon journey of conscience, spirit and it was closer to the Lord to come safe and happy to meet with him.




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