a little speaking

With the blessings and mercy of God Almighty, what we convey in this short treatise, is the answer to how we should address a wide variety of things and the kinds of interests, which, if not right and "no flight" will only make us thrown, crumpled and useless beings.
Just as the Muslim state, was so long ago had "overlook" the authenticity of Islam as the religion of Tawheed.
As the most basic knowledge about aqidah only correct and justified, then the study of science should be thoroughly Tawheed and thorough. Thus the introduction of The Substance Esaan Himself the Absolute realization, soul with the will of God for His servant to the faith of Al-Ghaib, the simplex and isim Ma'rifah. That is about the only substance the Unseen which will never reveal Yourself on earth (will never ngejawantah), but clear. Obviously very close to his presence. Clear, bright, clear and very easy to remember-remember and lived in this sense when the correct heart ask the experts about this. So the role of science and deepening Syaththariyah that most people referred to the congregation Syaththariyah, very crucial. Therefore if properly internalized, and obliged, will be a "life" in his life. Will be pervasive in the sense of a beautiful soul. Shaping character as desired by His Prophet. Forming character and personality which will be always patient and resignation in order to reach the level of taste and dignity. That is a real, born and she thought, in worship to Him, because so ikhlasnya, until at all "does not feel" that he was to sacrifice and serve. Then become servant of all behavior and actions, movements and the movements were born and she thought, was not entirely governed by his lust for. However, simply because "katut siliring Qudratullah". And I so, any work that did, certainly useful for other people (society).

Self Divine The Al-Ghaib, Ana Innani God, a very, very close to the sense of the heart, in fact it was the "single point of convergence" with the "human essence" is always true in the sense of soul mencahaya with dhikr obtained sirrun ma'nawiyun from the right and legal guides. So from here, will be able to appreciate the beauty betap example that illustrates that recognizes the existence of himself with a thorough knowledge of unity and overall, felt like a fish in his life Samodra infinite area.
Fact, that human beings and also all the contents and the universe's own universe, with their Lord Al-Ghaib and Compulsory realization that, like a fish in Samodra. Whose life, bernafasnya, eating, sleeping, berjaganya, movement, power and strength, as well as death, remained in Samodra. No part of any small cell that are not covered by water Samodra.
Therefore, when examined with a clear heart and clear mind, how powerful Allah's will in Projecting Presence of His Self-everything's, One but Comprehensive. In sirrun ma'nawi dhikr in the sense that terhayati heart as a grain of faith that gedenya mrica jinumput cooking, but if held "ngemplok universe".
Therefore once again, how powerful is Allah's will to existence Himself known and recognized by the servant whose name this man. Dibeber complete with a 30 juz KalamNya it so always keep in mind, and lived in the hearts and sense of purpose in life to be approachable so that up to (meet with him again). Therefore, for anyone (from the Islamic religion) which has been obtained correctly Syaththariyah Science from the right and legal guides, and also lived and properly obliged and sincere, then he shall serve a sesadarnya aware that there are placed by God in life and the life of the world and establish a spirit of sport, recognized as a test for him. In order to place this test, can live together in managing hidayahNya world claim to be self-processing, a strong pancatan to achieve goals and ideals go back to meet with Himself again, accompanied with a heart who always remember and want to live intended for can be achieved, namely the Divine Himself al-Ghaib this. That way it will bring fadhal and grace, which can be pulled to remove the hijab (meaning content kalimah nafs: Laailaaha) so that the eye witness explained his presence with Himself that's always defined himself and his form (content of the sentence meaning itsbat: illallah).
Only in places where the world and his form is considered real by jiwaraga eyes and think that how beautiful and delicious if can meet the tastes of many passions and interests sahwatnya, determination and hard work were merely chasing people uceng but kelangan deleg.
Example than Uceng is delicious gifts pursued and hunted down every time by mobilizing all energy, thoughts, cost and effort of all how to afford them. But the deleg, the image of the symbol of the giver, is Himself the Divine The Al-Ghaib and his form is compulsory, did not care.
Yet, how hard the word of Allah (Surah Yunus: 7, 8 and 11) which enabled them to threaten Him with the life of the world and make it not willing to meet with him, defined by him as the denizens of Hell and left his life was always flush with the error. His eyes and become blind by Him. Blind, did not know and did not recognize her even though al-Ghaib, very close. Even though he is closer than the existing veins dilehernya own. He means that much closer, although turnover compared with the breath in his chest.
So word is that memutusi. That anyone whose life is now (the world), blind (his eyes are not aware of the existence of the Self Lord once and Compulsory his form), then later in akherat also be more blind and more misguided path. That is when the dead did not come home keasalnya. No survivors met with Divine Himself. It will not be able to feel how beautiful and delicious real death is a "gateway" go back to God.



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