submit your site to google

Why we must add our site to google??? and why g
oogle?? why not another site???Google is one most poeple visit site. Every day more than 1 billions people use google. they use it to looking for another sites, that they looking for. Google can help us (web master or blogger) to show them our site.

How we add our sites to google??
It's pretty easy. Just add your site to And googlebot will record your site, and everyone that fill the correct word, will come to our site. Just that easy.

Here a little Tips to Increase your chance to get more visitor from Google:

1. Make sure your post content contains 250 words or more. Because according to most experts webmaster opinion, search engines prefer postings that contains at least 250 words or more. 

2. Make your Post Title at Least owe more than One google Keyword.
Cause this is the search engine initial benchmark to find out what topic will be discussed later in your article/post. You can search google keywords in

3. Contents Pages Relevant And Associated With your Post Title.
This means that between your title and your contents should not be distorted. Example: Suppose you make the title "How to Increase Affiliate Sales Business Products" then you should discuss and give tips about online affiliate business and tips how to Selling of your affiliate business product can be increased sharply, and so on.



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