run out of idea

I don't know what should I write to this blog. I run out of idea. My life just boring. I don't know what should I do. I just don't know. I'm fired up with facebook. I'm still young, but I feel empty in me. No passion in my age. I'll continue this post another time. This time I just don't get anything inspire me on everything. today 21:00 10 April 2010.
Again,.... boring. I don't know what topic I should write.I don't know what I should focus at. There was other blog or site about making money online, HTML or PHP site and blog tutorial and many other topic that I wanna write. but other site and blogger already focusing themselves on that topic. 00:14 13 April 2010.
Day after day, I need to focus on something in order to increase my seo. what should I write? Will I focus on web??? or SEO? traffic???
Can anyone give me idea??? comment please about what should I write!!!



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