3 way make woman orgasm

Although the sexual life has a broad scope, for women, inability to achieve orgasm or to have to pretend to reach orgasm is one of the problems that a lot of happy couple encountered.

Men were grouped into three types based on their behaviors in bed: 1.) Man who cares whether their partner orgasm, 2.) Man who does not care if their partner feel the orgasm, and 3.) Man who does not know that a woman could feel an orgasm.
But there is one similarity to the above three kinds of men: three of them must have had sexual intercourse, because they love the pleasures that provided by the orgasm. While almost all of the men had experienced an orgasm (unless they are experiencing abnormalities), in this world there are many women who have never experienced an orgasm in their life.

Yes, indeed until today, there are adult women who have never felt the orgasm of his life (in the United States alone, 5-10% of women are estimated to have never felt an orgasm in her life). But, if the reason is their husband who did not seek the coming orgasm, it is a real problem of male selfishness must be completed. In reality, orgasms do not just come from sexual relationships, but orgasm can also happen through masturbation. Nevertheless, especially in women who are married, to do masturbation is still considered taboo to be done.

Even into the 1950s, before Alfred Kinsey conducted a study about sex on a large scale, only a few people in this world who know that the enjoyment by the end of sex that can make man sighed a sigh that could also be felt by women. However, in the 2000s was, of course women should have greater opportunities to demand these rights.

Here are the steps that can be done you, the reader is a woman, to feel the orgasm.

First, recognize the body, find out what kind of touch the most preferred. Body parts woman who has a lot of nerve (and thus easily stimulated) is the lips, ears, rectum, breast, and vagina, where the latter two sections are part The most sensitive and most effective in causing an orgasm. Try to touch the parts elephantiasis find favorite place. Sex therapy classes in the United States even advocated for women to masturbate, to be able to give specific instructions on how to satisfy the pair of women.

Second, after knowing the preferred place, communicate to your husband your findings are. Ask nicely on the husband to spend more time at these locations during intercourse.

Third, because women need more time to reach orgasm, take him to extend foreplay, especially in places where this favorite.
Fourth, after penetration, do not be shy to make their own stimulation to the body or to ask the husband to do it.



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