bit rnb m230 laptop canggih tahan cuaca dan kondisi

Bit-RNB 230 is beltronic's laptop. Bit M230 RNB meets and exceeds the standards set by the military (810F, 410E) and industry (IP54), but its price less than many of the competitors lightweight portable computers. Intel Pentium-L2400 Core Duo Low Voltage Processor (1,66 GHz) with Mobile Technology, make this Bit-RNB 230 features a versatile Bay 1 and removable HDD bay design. The Bit-RNB 230 can accommodate an optical drive, or a second battery. Bit M230 RNB's removable HDD allow users to easily remove the HDD, giving users a wide array of advantages such as, allowing multiple users to share laptop but not the HDD, safeguarding/security by removal of the HDD, and general reliability of easily removing the HDD and putting it into another laptop regardless of the original laptop's state.

Bit M230 RNB has IP45 design. The IP54 design means, the Bit-RNB 230 is designed to survive the extreme use and needs of today's on-the-go road warriors, includes in field service, utilities, construction, telecommunications, military, police, fire and emergency services (EMS), data collection in science, oil and gas exploration where wind-blown, heavy rain, three-foot drops off the back of a truck, and temperatures from -4 to +130ยบ F may be encountered.

The Bit-RNB 230 is a powerful notebook computer laptop. It features a large, bright 14.1" TFT XGA LCD screen. It has 128MB of shared RAM that provides vibrant images whether indoors or outdoors. The Bit-RNB 230 also has direct sunlight applications, an optional outdoor viewable display and A/R reflective coating is available. Its touch screen option is also available to the on-the-go/in-vehicle users. Behind The Bit-RNB 230 display is the latest Intel Dothan LV processor (Pentium M) with Mobile Technology for true speed and wireless portability. Its give yoy TIntel Pentium-L2400 Core Duo Low Voltage Processor (1,66 GHz)with up to 2 GB of DDR SDRAM, a 667 MHz FSB, a selection of quick-swap hard disk drives (40, 60, or 80 GB) and optical drives (DVD, CD-ROM, and COMBO DVD/Floppy or CD/Floppy).

The Bit-RNB 230 main battery powers can maintain up to 5 hours of full-out, pedal to metal use. The optional second battery adds two more hours, but the optional vehicle mount lets the unit recharge and function continuously. The affordable Bit-RNB 230 also offers customers field flexibility in the configuration. its gave you swappable drives which will allow police, fire officials, and utility workers to leave the computer in the vehicle but remove the drive at the end of the shift to finish their reports at their desks or checking the disk into evidence.

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