the master

The Master is a reality show TV Indonesia to equalize the ability of a magician with other magicians. Events are familiar with the tagline "Looking for Stars Without the incantation", was first aired in February 6th 2009 until May 8 2009 every Friday at 21:30 until 00:30 the next day. However, the time slot of The Master sometimes can shift to the day Saturday with the same hours as the slide show that seemed more a top priority for broadcast. Every season shows 5 candidates (6 candidates in Season 3) with the flow of magic is different and each episode will be sidelined 1 candidate to eventually live the remaining 1 person. Systems of this elimination using percentages acquisition SMS from the television audience. Each finished displaying its action, the candidates will be commented upon by a jury consisting of 4 men, 3 person jury still is Deddy Corbuzier , Romy Rafael , Melissa Karim , and 1 other person vary each episode of a popular artist. "The Master" is guided by Nico Siahaan . The Master is able to reach as many as 11.4 rating. In other countries there is a similar event that it Phenomenon (TV series) slot duration is shorter (only 60 minutes including the ads) is different from the show The Master of duration can be from 120 minutes up to more, depending on how the sets of shows.

Until the fourth season, impressions of The Masters was stopped for a while. Final Impressions inauguration of the season 3 winner of The Masters, Rizuki, and Koesnoe Efendi aka Cosmo from season 4 on Friday August 21 2009 to cover the Masters competition. This event is paused until discovered a new concept.

The Master who will re-form agenda drafted, corrected the deficiencies that exist, and then will return for the talents of magic in Indonesian society.
Pro and Con

This Tanyangan get controversial with the public reaction is not a magician. Namely, is still widespread view that The Master is heresy and the use of mystical and supernatural elements. Actually, this is only a television show with magic tricks entertainment only and not to use the element of magic. An entertainment is the same as if we watch action movies or soap operas and even movies kanuragan Sableng Wiro . However, it remains a debate for the laity because of their ignorance will be Magic. [1] This makes the Production Team have their homework to be completed. Reaction may occur due to protest the appearance of one of the participants, Master Limbad which often show the actions that seem to use witchcraft. Can ya but could not. Whatever it is, the production must be recycled with a new concept better.

Magic will always look amazing and admirable for its confidentiality is still well preserved. And every magician claimed to always uphold the code of ethics, namely: to practice and truly master the game perfectly before the show and must always maintain the confidentiality of games and tricks. And because the code of ethics that make a magic show magician, or even accused as an event that uses magic .
Because it's so satisfying to get the impression ratting The Master, RCTI also broadcast programs with the same event that is derivative of The Master Junior . This event is a magic competition for children aged between 6 to 12 years, aired every Saturday and Minggu.Program The Master reason, inspire so many magic shows that re-aired on TV after the master's slot



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