The Master Season 1

The Masters is the talent search event to find a master in their respective fields (of course associated with magic). This event is very Extraordinary and SMASHING .... cos the first time in Indonesia. The participants are cools and have their respective characteristics. Here it is the participants .....

Session 1

This Masters Winner was very like in reading and learning many things. So do not be surprised if his intelligence makes you in awe. She believes reading is a window into all knowledge, including the power of the mind. And that genre of magicm, mentalist, was occupied by Deddy Corbuzier. Although he had spent his childhood without a father figure, but this bespectacled magician gets an abundance of affection from the deceased's mother & brother. As a master he has a major capital of art communicate a mentalist. Through knowledge-knowledge that he had, he aspired to change the image that scary mentalist with a magicnya actions and fun.

Runner-up The Master Session 1 was born in Bandung, June 4, 1982. Ash is a Magic Ilussion and also a guitarist. Magician Cris Angel is his role model. For him life is an art, therefore it is often combined between Mental Action and Illusion. Although he was full profession as a magician, but this figure remains cool guy who does not forget his education. Evidently, he had just graduated S2 from a university in Bandung.

3. Angelina Zhi (GOTHIC Magician)
The first child of 2 brothers this is the only female finalist in the competition for The Master. Although relatively new in the study of magic, but Angel has a decent ability to Magician-Magician aligned with the other. Fashion design graduate of the Academy was very fond of all things gothic element. The main dream is to become a mentalist in Indonesia and the First Woman on the Papa prove that he can succeed in the world so that the Papa mentalist can condone step he took.

4. RICHARD RAIN (Charming Magician)
Minang origin man has a charming and unique figure. Evidently he chose a different genre that is becoming a Halusionist. According to him, life is a challenge. Therefore he was very fond of dangerous activities that challenged death. Actions might be considered similar to the art of some people whistle, almost like Limbad. But that's the strength of a halusionist. Behind her fetish play something dangerous, on the other hand he is also very close to the children because for Richard excitement & fun children can cure loneliness caused by departure of both parents.

5. Aldi Sungkar (Funky ETNIC Magician)
Solo Male born March 22, 1984 is the youngest finalist in the competition The Master Session 1. Men are very proud of this Javanese blood velocity technique has no doubt his hand again. Copetpun might give up. His ability to challenge the death was extraordinary. His interest in magic began at the world since he was 9 years old. Like Joe Sandy, Aldi brings new nuances in the world of magic. Pembawaanya a very comical and the speed of action of all arms Aldi managed to amaze the audience. Smile and humorous man was very fond of his mother. Evidently, he would sell his magic shop to finance the treatment of the mother dearest.



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