the master sells his vespa for marrying his wife

JAKARTA - Behind the black clothes and mystique that reflected from the self of Master Limbad, it turns out he had a unique experience about motorcycle. What is it? 
Apparently Master Limbad had to give up her beloved Vespa sold to propose his beloved wife Susi Indrawati.

"He used to have a Vespa but then sold to propose to me," said Susi when accompanied during his visit to Master Limbad okezone editorial last week.

Even though Susi admit that Master Limbad is verry love his Motorcycle, but Master Limbad still sold it, in worth of  500 thousand Rupiahs. the motorcycle is from year of 1966.

"The money he used for proposing me and he bought some snacks for the parents. This is the proove that Master Limbad did not want to bother his family," adds Susi.

That Vespa, according to her, is Master Limbad's ride favorite iron horse. "Eventought it's antique old but everything is still original, ranging from the lights, handlebars, body, everything is still original," he explained.

Now, after Master Limbad's successful, Susi disclosed her husband was trying to find the existence of these legendary motorcycles, again .

"He's trying to find the bike again, or at least the same as the Vespa motor that he had the time, but he did not find it yet," he concluded. (Uky)



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