Master Joe Sandy at Bandung

'The Master' Magician, Joe Sandy feel enjoy when filming in the city of Bandung, especially at Gedung Sate. He also admitted happy to meet her idol, Vice Governor of West Java, Dede Yusuf. But because Dede must perform a task, he failed to show him any magic attraction. "I'm happy, at home, enjoy. I enjoy where ever I go," said Master Joe, when found after the shooting in the East Hall of the Office of the Sate Building, Jalan Diponegoro, Monday (5/4/2010).
Master Joe and Master Limbad visited Gedung Sate office for filming one of their event program. Both play magic shows skills in front of Civil Servants (PNS) Yearly Jabar. On the occasion, Joe, who came from Bandung was admitted happy to meet with Dede Yusuf. "I am the number one fans of Vice Governor Mr. Dede Yusuf, from the time he was fighting taekwondo. Last chance to chat, but not magic because he has no business of government," said Joe. Bespectacled man was also felt lucky chance to shoot at Gedung Sate, because he said not everyone can get into the office of West Java province. "Everybody can come to a tourist attraction, but not everyone can come to this place (Gedung Sate-ed). Most memorable shoot here. Because of this historic building," he said.



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